Friday, March 2, 2012

Prayers Please

A close friend recently miscarried and my heart is just aching for her! It is so hard for me to hear the news of losing a baby. It not only makes my heart break for the person that has lost a child, but it brings up so many emotions from when we lost ours. It reminds me that I am not in control. Sometimes I get angry about that, you know how easy it is for some couples to plan a pregnancy and get pg on their own. Or to get a surprise pregnancy. I have to admit that I have been better with pregnancy announcements lately. And there have been a bunch going around. I guess it is just easier b/c I have Noah. I am so very thankful for that sweet little guy! I really cannot imagine life without him in it. And I know that if it was God's will for Todd and I not to be able to conceive on our own we would have adopted. We would have tried to move mountains to add to our family. B/c that was my heart's be a momma!! Of course, the topic of another baby comes up quite often. You know the way things are: you get engaged and the next day ppl are asking when the wedding is, then you get married and the next day ppl are asking you when you are going to have kids, the same goes for when you have a child, within the year ppl are asking when you will have another. And I am so at peace with saying only God knows the answer to that question. I would never say we would not try IVF again or IF treatments in general, but for right now I am perfectly fine with just being and letting God drive!! I am so tired of driving!!!! So please keep my friend in your prayers!! Know that her heart is broken and please pray for God to give her peace. Thanks!!

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