Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Noah @ 22 Months

There has been a lot on my mind lately!!! It feels like I am spring cleaning my head these days! Here in GA it has been super warm and nice outside. However, the pollen has been TERRIBLE!! My car is green right now. When you go outside you sneeze right away and today I went outside for a few seconds and came in with pollen on my flip flops. I am loving the weather, but really ready for the pollen time to be over with.

The pollen has NOT kept us inside. We have loaded up on allergy meds and braved the green snow storm!! And just as spring has sprung a little early for us here in GA, so has Noah's lil personality. Or should I say BIG personality! He has been cracking me up lately! I just had to share a few things he has done lately!!!

Yesterday we were playing in his room when he grabbed my hand and told me "come momma, come" as he led me out of the door and then proceeded to shut the door behind me saying "bye bye momma, bye bye"! I was just stunned that my 22 mos old just kicked me out of his room! Wasn't that not suppose to happen til he was a teenager! He was giggling and having so much fun in his room as I peeked in the door.

His vocabulary has just blossomed! Each day I hear him say something and think did he just really say that!! I love how he says certain things like: milk=mut, Hermie=Mermie (and my momma tried to get him to say HER MIE, and he just said HER MIE MIE), Elmo=Melmo, chocolate=choc choc, TV=TT, Grammy=GIGI, Maggie=Mag Mag, and Veggie Tales=Ta Ta Wee (not sure how he got that one)!

Today we were outside at my parent's house playing and he all of a sudden says, "READY..SET..GO", and took off running up the driveway!! Things like that are such precious moments to me. Which leads me to the next scary one. He does NOT get the word STOP! Like as if he is running away from me towards the road and I am yelling stop! I even worked with him on a silly pose to do when I say stop. Yeah he knows what I mean, he just doesn't wanna stop. So I have to either get a fence or a leash, HA!

His eating habits are such toddler like! One day he loves mac and cheese, the next day he looks at me like I am crazy for even offering it to him. However, he does like the crust on his pb and j sandwiches. But if something doesn't look just right, he won't even try it! I just keep offering! One day he may try it!!

And the sweet moments are so plentiful! I swear I could eat him up! He looks up at me with those big brown eyes and long eyelashes and I just melt. He certainly has both Todd and I wrapped!! I think b/c too he is really trying to communicate with us and argue his point. It is really cute how he says go in there (go en dere) and adds an okay on the end!  Todd and I have found ourselves having a hard time saying no when he argues such a cute case! Plus, you add how sweet he asks it and it is kinda hard to say no.

But trust me we do say no and have been working on time out with him. We have a little chair in the dining room that is his timeout  chair. I always take him to it and let him sit a minute. I am never too far away b/c he does get scared. Then I sit down and explain why he was in timeout, what he should have done, and end it with I love you! I am not sure if he knows what I am exactly saying and sometimes it takes several times to get it all out....keeping his attention these days is hard. But I am going to keep being persistent!!

One last thing and I will stop gushing over my little boy! I have let him get a duster and help me dust. You know the feather dusters? Well, he really enjoys helping me dust. He does it with such enthusiasm and joy! The way God would be proud!! I often find myself learning more from Noah than he is learning from me! He is my little teacher :)

And now for just a few pictures!! :)

Sleeping in a cocoon of pillows

Helping Momma dust! A servant's heart!

Pure JOY!

Eating crust ;)

Climbing is his middle name these days!

Still getting to rock my baby! Such precious moments!

Noah's shadow

This is a BIG one! His first OFFICIAL boo boo!!!

Sleeping handsome!



kate said...

I am loving this phase, too. My boys just turned 21 months, and there has been a real vocabulary explosion in these last weeks. They say the funniest things sometimes.

I mostly wanted to comment, though, to say that we also have that problem with not stopping when I say stop. They know what it means, but they don't want to do it. One thing that has worked for me is this:
There's a song that they play during a music class at our local library called, "The Freeze" (I think it's by Greg & Steve? Not sure.), and the idea is that the song plays and they dance and boogie and run and whatever, and then the music stops and the singer yells, "Freeze!" and everyone freezes.

They *love* the song and they think it's so funny to freeze mid-move, so now, when they are running and I want them to stop, I shout, "Freeze!" and they almost always stop before they are in danger. It may not work forever, but it's working for now, AND it keeps me from having to scream and get frustrated with their behavior. I just shout, "Freeze!" and freeze in a silly position, and they laugh and freeze along with me.

Just thought I'd share that idea of what has been working for us.

Amber said...

Such precious pictures! This is such a tough but fun age

cady said...

It is such a fun age. Lucy kicks me out of her room, too, and she just got her first boo boo also!

Katie said...

Love these pictures of your sweet boy, Dana! Reminds me right where Colson is, too. Noah's eyelashes are so long! Love them. ; )

I see Reese when I look at our boys, too. Thanks for telling me that. I can just imagine how beautiful she would be right between them. You never upset me, girl! You're precious.