Monday, March 5, 2012

All in a day!!!

I did what I said and charged up my camera :) I whipped it out and snapped away like I had never put it down, hehe!! Here are some shots!!! Be warned, picture OVERLOAD!!!!
Love my brown eyed boy!!!
 Eating like a big boy!
 Where's Noah??
There he is!!!
 Silly Silly!
 Uh oh, where did Noah go???
 There he is :)
 He LOVED this game, as you can see :)
 Momma you are soo funny!!!

Time for coloring!!!
 sweet fingers
 OH you know just relaxin' and coloring!!! Tough job!!
 But LOTS of fun!!!
 I love it when he crosses his feet!!

GiGi time :) 
Give GiGi a kiss :)
 He adores his GiGi!!!
 Now let's have some choc choc GiGi!!
 Isn't this soo yummy?

Off to bathtime fun!!
 See Momma BUBBLES!!!
 Really Momma another picture!!! This flash is annoying!!
 YAY, Daddy is home!! Look Daddy BUBBLES!!
Blowing the bubbles :)
 Quick shot of us, forgot to turn the flash off!
 My sweets!! Already 21 months old, SIGH!!!

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