Friday, March 30, 2012

Bye Bye Crib!!

So Noah climbed/fell out of his crib the other night! Yeah, VERY SCARY!! Also something I have been praying he would never do so I could keep him in his crib as LONG as possible. It is only way I can get him to snooze if he refuses naptime or bedtime. Now those days are over :(

 Let me recap the dreaded incident! For several nights lately Noah has been hard to get down for bedtime. I struggle getting him to rock and then once I get him asleep he wakes up as soon as I put him in his crib. Then he does his routine of throwing out his blankets in silence, says "uh oh" a bunch, realizes I am not coming in his room and then the meltdown starts. Most of the these nights I only let him cry it out a little while b/c he would start banging his head on the crib. Yes, I know it totally freaked me out!! On the night Todd was working (of course) I was going to let him cry it out a bit longer b/c in the past this has worked and he ends up laying down and going to sleep. This night he cried and I checked on him off and on with the video monitor. I couldn't watch it the entire time b/c it stresses me out so much that a minute feels like 30!

All of a sudden I heard a loud bump and checked the monitor and my sweet baby was NOT in his crib!! I ran up the stairs praying so hard that Noah would be okay and trying to prepare myself for the worst case scenario. Thankfully, he was fine. He had landed on the pile of blankets and a pillow pet he had thrown out of the bed earlier! Thank you Lord I thought! He was crying hysterically so I scooped him up and held him, then realized I needed to make sure he didn't break anything or hit his head. He seemed to be fine, but just very shaken up! I calmed him down and rocked him and talked to him about how he can't climb out of his crib. I am not sure if he climbed or leaned a bit over and fell. He has never tried to climb his crib before so I am thinking he fell.

That night he slept with us!!! And has since then, might I add! We converted his crib to a toddler bed, but y'all it is HUGE!! Way too big for him. We have tried to keep up his usual nightly routine each night. We do bath, book, rock, bed! We put him in his toddler bed and closely monitor him until we are ready for bed, then scoop him up and put him in our bed. I know that sounds so backwards b/c usually ppl are taking their kids out of their bed. But Noah rolls so much in his sleep, he even rolled off of his bed last night. He was barely caught by the guard rail. And he was in a really scary position that looked like he could choke himself. So I have just opted to put him in our bed. No judgements!! We know we need to figure out a better solution soon.

I am not really sure how nap time is going to be anymore. I am hoping he will still take naps, but am unsure of that. He fights sleep so much as it is that it can't be good to have one more thing going against him sleeping. The one thing I do know is that I am so thankful that Noah is safe and okay!! And that is all that matters to me right now!!! We may buy another toddler bed that suites him better. Todd has to work alot coming up, so it will be a while before we can get out and go shopping.

I seriously do NOT know how my momma and other momma's raised kids without video monitors!! I couldn't live without ours!!!! So this has been my life lately and it takes things like this to remind me that nothing really matters in life but our loved ones!!!

And now for some pictures :) These are for you Aunt Sue!! I always post pictures and think of you! I love you and miss you!!! xoxoxoxo

 Snoozin' in the car! May be the only time he naps, haha!!

 He ends up rolling around so much in our bed and I never know where he will end up! In this pic he is upside down, but last night I woke up and he was at the foot of the bed!! 

 Lately Noah has been using his imagination!! He was using some of my bowls and cooking for me :) He would say eat momma, eat!! 

Then he found some paper and made me another meal! He is a lil chef!!
I guess he forgot we were pretending it was food, haha! And he so pulled this notepad off of my fridge and began "cooking" with it!! 

 He is starting to enjoy coloring. Usually he just pulls the crayon paper off and makes a big mess, but now he actually colors :) YAY!!

I just can't say it enough, but I adore those brown eyes! He was eating lunch and watching daddy cut grass on this day!!

We went shopping for Easter outfits and he had to ride the firetruck twice. He doesn't look amused here, but he really enjoyed it!!

Snuggles with my sweet boy! I love you Noah bear!!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Noah @ 22 Months

There has been a lot on my mind lately!!! It feels like I am spring cleaning my head these days! Here in GA it has been super warm and nice outside. However, the pollen has been TERRIBLE!! My car is green right now. When you go outside you sneeze right away and today I went outside for a few seconds and came in with pollen on my flip flops. I am loving the weather, but really ready for the pollen time to be over with.

The pollen has NOT kept us inside. We have loaded up on allergy meds and braved the green snow storm!! And just as spring has sprung a little early for us here in GA, so has Noah's lil personality. Or should I say BIG personality! He has been cracking me up lately! I just had to share a few things he has done lately!!!

Yesterday we were playing in his room when he grabbed my hand and told me "come momma, come" as he led me out of the door and then proceeded to shut the door behind me saying "bye bye momma, bye bye"! I was just stunned that my 22 mos old just kicked me out of his room! Wasn't that not suppose to happen til he was a teenager! He was giggling and having so much fun in his room as I peeked in the door.

His vocabulary has just blossomed! Each day I hear him say something and think did he just really say that!! I love how he says certain things like: milk=mut, Hermie=Mermie (and my momma tried to get him to say HER MIE, and he just said HER MIE MIE), Elmo=Melmo, chocolate=choc choc, TV=TT, Grammy=GIGI, Maggie=Mag Mag, and Veggie Tales=Ta Ta Wee (not sure how he got that one)!

Today we were outside at my parent's house playing and he all of a sudden says, "READY..SET..GO", and took off running up the driveway!! Things like that are such precious moments to me. Which leads me to the next scary one. He does NOT get the word STOP! Like as if he is running away from me towards the road and I am yelling stop! I even worked with him on a silly pose to do when I say stop. Yeah he knows what I mean, he just doesn't wanna stop. So I have to either get a fence or a leash, HA!

His eating habits are such toddler like! One day he loves mac and cheese, the next day he looks at me like I am crazy for even offering it to him. However, he does like the crust on his pb and j sandwiches. But if something doesn't look just right, he won't even try it! I just keep offering! One day he may try it!!

And the sweet moments are so plentiful! I swear I could eat him up! He looks up at me with those big brown eyes and long eyelashes and I just melt. He certainly has both Todd and I wrapped!! I think b/c too he is really trying to communicate with us and argue his point. It is really cute how he says go in there (go en dere) and adds an okay on the end!  Todd and I have found ourselves having a hard time saying no when he argues such a cute case! Plus, you add how sweet he asks it and it is kinda hard to say no.

But trust me we do say no and have been working on time out with him. We have a little chair in the dining room that is his timeout  chair. I always take him to it and let him sit a minute. I am never too far away b/c he does get scared. Then I sit down and explain why he was in timeout, what he should have done, and end it with I love you! I am not sure if he knows what I am exactly saying and sometimes it takes several times to get it all out....keeping his attention these days is hard. But I am going to keep being persistent!!

One last thing and I will stop gushing over my little boy! I have let him get a duster and help me dust. You know the feather dusters? Well, he really enjoys helping me dust. He does it with such enthusiasm and joy! The way God would be proud!! I often find myself learning more from Noah than he is learning from me! He is my little teacher :)

And now for just a few pictures!! :)

Sleeping in a cocoon of pillows

Helping Momma dust! A servant's heart!

Pure JOY!

Eating crust ;)

Climbing is his middle name these days!

Still getting to rock my baby! Such precious moments!

Noah's shadow

This is a BIG one! His first OFFICIAL boo boo!!!

Sleeping handsome!


Friday, March 16, 2012


I have to admit that I am quite a bit jealous of people that are all organized and such! I try to get organized, but I think I may need a new system b/c I keep having to reorganize. Hence defeating the purpose of organization = save time!!!

I have decided to try a few new things to help me out.
And here they are:
  •  pick a day (the same day) each week and plan out my meals/groceries for the entire week.{I originally picked Sunday, but is that a good day to grocery shop? with restocking and such}
  • "Clean clean" the house every other Friday, on our date night DAY when the lil monkey goes to the g-parent's house!
  • Do laundry everyday! This is a must or it piles up!!!! 
  • Do dishes everyday!! Same as above, hehe!!
  • Every night before bed straighten up the house (aka toys).
  • Find a place for everything!! Make sure the places are practical!! 
I know it doesn't sound like much, but actually typing it out makes me feel better and on my way to being a bit more organized! I really want to get in the groove of planning meals ahead of time and having certain days that I designate to get things done around the house. I have always been a "go with the flow" kinda gal and that makes for a messy house and usually me pondering at 4:45 pm about what to cook for dinner! If anyone has any tips, please feel free to share :)

On another note, we sure are enjoying some nice warm weather here in GA! However, the pollen is doing a number on me!! Our cars are already green from it all! It is really bad!!! Noah's pediatrician said this is going to be a really bad pollen season!! :( boo!!! So we are going to just load up on some allergy meds and head out anyways :) Noah is LOVING playing ouside!!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snapshot Sunday!

Just a few snapshots from the past couple of days :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Picnik Love!!

As you can tell I did yet another blog design! I guess with picnik closing up shop I am trying to make use of it!! Here is a picture I recently edited!! I sure am gonna miss picnik and really do NOT know what I will do without it!!


Love this picture!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wt {Maintain} Journey!!!

Didn't y'all just love that picture dump yesterday! I had TONS more, but only shared a few ;) Well I haven't been doing a wt loss post b/c well I haven't been losing weight. I really do know why, b/c I haven't tried!! I am so weird b/c instead of getting competitive with other ppl I am the opposite! I have seen so many ppl lately losing weight and looking FAB!! And it just stresses me out!! And not the kinda stress out that leads me to the elliptical, but to food!! It's like I can get my mindset right for a day or two, then I lose it!! I know that I eat emotionally, but I am not downing food like crazy. I am just maintaining my current weight and that annoys me. Obviously not enough to get on the ball. I guess it is somewhat like when you want to get pg and all of your friends are pg! It always stressed me out and I always heard that clock ticking ever so loudly! It's the same way I can literally hear the seconds going by that I am wasting being FAT!! It makes me super anxious and then I just wanna climb in my bed and hide under the covers. Just being honest, y'all!! Am I the only one that feels that way?? However, I am going to try my darndest (yes that is a word, hehe) to get my behind on the elliptical today. I think that maybe I need to do a day at a time way of thinking. Eat right today, exercise today...then worry about tomorrow when tomorrow gets here! If I don't I just overwhelm myself and stress is not good when trying to lose weight. Also, the last time I lost 30lbs I had my handy dandy meds (metformin) that somehow made me eat like a "normal" person. And I had time to take naps and be lazy. Now with a kid, there is NO time for laziness. And lets be honest I am a very laid back kinda girl. I love me some naps!! I am asking for y'all to please pray for me! Specifically just pray that I can find peace in all of this wt loss junk and enjoy my life!!!! Photobucket

Monday, March 5, 2012

All in a day!!!

I did what I said and charged up my camera :) I whipped it out and snapped away like I had never put it down, hehe!! Here are some shots!!! Be warned, picture OVERLOAD!!!!
Love my brown eyed boy!!!
 Eating like a big boy!
 Where's Noah??
There he is!!!
 Silly Silly!
 Uh oh, where did Noah go???
 There he is :)
 He LOVED this game, as you can see :)
 Momma you are soo funny!!!

Time for coloring!!!
 sweet fingers
 OH you know just relaxin' and coloring!!! Tough job!!
 But LOTS of fun!!!
 I love it when he crosses his feet!!

GiGi time :) 
Give GiGi a kiss :)
 He adores his GiGi!!!
 Now let's have some choc choc GiGi!!
 Isn't this soo yummy?

Off to bathtime fun!!
 See Momma BUBBLES!!!
 Really Momma another picture!!! This flash is annoying!!
 YAY, Daddy is home!! Look Daddy BUBBLES!!
Blowing the bubbles :)
 Quick shot of us, forgot to turn the flash off!
 My sweets!! Already 21 months old, SIGH!!!