Monday, February 13, 2012

Wt Loss Journey!

Or should I say stay at the same wt journey!! I became very frustrated with myself b/c I was just maintaining the same weight and still counting calories on my fitness pal (an app on my phone). Then I changed a few settings on that app and it lowered my calories per day! I have managed to keep my calories lower and am hoping that I will soon see a difference!!

I was doing so well with the elliptical, then got sick and haven't been on it since. I got strep throat and DUDE it made me lose ALL of my energy and at times I felt like I was gonna die. I am just now getting some energy back and honestly am a bit scared to get back on the horse, so to speak. But I know I need to!!!

I have been trying different bkfast foods and trying to find one that helps with my sugar levels. So far I can do a carnation bkfast shake and a fiber one bar and I don't get the shakes til 11! Which is better than any other foods I have tried. So I just eat an early lunch. Plus, I am quite active in the morning...feeding Noah, loading the dishwasher, doing laundry, tidying up, etc. I have also started meal planning for the week! This way I can see what my week looks like and then I don't get so stressed over what we are going to eat.....or wait til the last minute and then make bad decisions!!!

So I feel like I am getting this done one step at a time! I am learning my way around! I have to always remember that when I lost so much wt before I was taking metformin and did not have a kiddo. I have to develop another strategy this time around that will work for me in this season of my life. I hope I am getting in down, finally!!

Starting wt: 161.5
Current wt: 156.5 (STUCK)
Goal wt: 130
LBs to lose: 26.5
  • keep my calories under 1300 a day!
  • get back on the elliptical (30 minutes, twice a week)
  • sign up for Mon and Wed group power classes at the gym, which means get a sitter for Noah on those days!
  • Drink more water!!!


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