Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Lately I feel like I keep hitting brick walls! As you all know I have been working on losing weight! You know eating better and exercising! Well, yesterday I had my annual OB appt. and asked my doctor to please refer me to a nutritionist, preferably one that dealt with emotional eating and PCOS. She basically told me that I would have to go home and find one b/c she only knew of nutritionists that deal with diabetic patients. Well, I have already done that so that is why I was asking the doctor! BRICK WALL!! I have been taking this group power class. It is a class where you lift weights. I do light weights and you do a billion reps! I did this class the last time I lost wt. You do clean and presses, squats, lunges, biceps, triceps, chest, back, and abs! You do it all! I must have pulled something last week b/c lately my left shoulder and neck has been tight and hurting. So after swim class I went to my cuz chiropractor (yes I am lucky to have one in the fam). He basically told me that the class I was taking was just pumping up my shoulder muscles which were already getting too big!! UGH! And that my hamstrings and some other string was tight, so I need to stretch more. BRICK WALL! I just felt frustrated b/c I really like my class but feel like maybe I should just stick to tons of cardio. Maybe take a spin class instead of the weight lifting class?? Yay, just went through that brick wall ;) Also, as you all know I have been dx with PCOS. But my OB seems to think I don't have PCOS. So I am really thinking I need to just go to a new RE. I am NOT going back to my old one, he was a JERK! No bedside manner! Now I just need to figure out which one is covered by my insurance and then get my files from my old RE sent over to my new RE! Whew!! I hate doing things like that b/c it takes FOREVER and my old RE never sent my records to my OB...after I requested several times. This time I may have to personally go and get them! The office is in ATL, just an hour and half from my house! Yes just call me whiny pants today! WHAAAAA!!!! I am tired! Physically, mentally, and emotionally! Better go and get my research on!! I will keep y'all updated!!! Photobucket

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