Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rocks + Dirt = Noah Fun!!!

Sorry it has been a while, I have been busy working out and loving life!! Plus my laptop was upstairs for a while and well ya know out of sight out of mind! Lately the weather here in GA has been crazy! I mean 70 degree weather in February! We sure are enjoying it!!! It was so nice outside, very warm, but really windy! So I made sure to put Noah's hat on him, b/c we DO NOT want any earaches in this household!!!
Always running these days!

 His cuteness just gets me!! I know I am his momma, but he is just sooo stinkin cute! He loves to put his favorite things on his table! His rocks!!

Here he is in awe of some dirt!!

 He had so much fun digging dirt out of this pot!! 

 And had even more fun getting all messy :) Dirt on the face and his clothes! I love these moments, such treasures!!

Then he wanted to swing a bit!
 Hold on tight Noah!!!

Then he had to take one last stop and play with his rocks!

And then we headed in for a snack!
He insisted on sitting in the big chair! 
Peek a boo!!
We had so much fun outside and I am excited about Summer because ever since he has been playing outside he has been in the best mood and goes to sleep at night so easily! I guess it wears him out! He adores being outside!


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cady said...

We've been loving the warm weather, too! I just wish it would stop going from warm to cold. :)