Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our love story!

If it scares you, do it! That was my motto when I headed away from home to go into the big city for my bachelor's degree. I was terrified! I was so scared that I think the fear drove me! I moved in with my brother and his wife and went out on my own in a new place, a very big new place!!!!!! I went from living in a town with ONE caution light to ATLANTA!!! It was exciting and new and I loved my new motto! I went by it and b/c of that motto I found my way to Todd!!!!

When I moved into my brother's house I had to pay rent. He wanted to teach me about life and I was eager to learn. So I headed off to find a job and earn some money to pay my way through life. I was going to school full time in this big city! This city full of no one that I knew! To say I was out of my comfort zone is an understatement :) I found a job at AE at the mall! That was an awesome job! I met new friends, got a great discount on super cool clothes, and found so much pride in doing things on my own. It was at AE that I remember so vividly seeing Todd once again! But I will get to that later!

Dare I say I even pledged a sorority! Yep, I went out to hang with these girls I didn't really know in an environment I was so not familiar with! I am not a dressin up kind of girl! Not stylish, nor cool! But there I was facing my fears one at a time! And doing well at it!!!!

After writing in my journal one night I saw Todd's phone number written in the cover! Todd and I had dated a few years back and broken up. We were both young and not really ready for a relationship. I had always remembered Todd. I mean look at the guy! He's hot!! HAHA! I thought about how much I had grown since we dated last and then it hit me. I should so give him a call and see how he is doing. I was totally not expecting anything out of it, but secretly hoping in my heart that we would see each other again. That day I talked to his dad for like 10 minutes. He was proudly talking about his son (as I have come to find out is a very normal everyday thing) telling me about how he was finishing up his final exams and such. So I left the message for Todd to call me and then went downstairs to cook dinner for all of us. I think it was some chicken box/rice/noodle type dinner. You know the ones like hamburger helper. Then the phone rang!

It was Todd!!! I played it really cool. Actually so cool that he didn't think I was interested, hehe!  But somehow we set up a date and I was soo excited and nervous. He was going to meet me after work and we were going to eat and watch a movie. I worked in the mall (mall of ga) and so it would be easy to grab some grub there and watch a movie. I can remember telling my coworkers that I had a hot date and that I was very nervous! Then Todd appeared!! He came in and my heart just fell into my feet. How could he have gotten even more handsome? I couldn't help myself so I hugged him! Then I heard my coworkers chit chatting about how cute Todd was and we were on our merry way.

Later I learned that Todd had been sitting outside of the store watching me for a bit. Not in a creepy way, but in a nervous/not sure how to go in kinda way. He has told me that he just watched me and thought how beautiful I was :) SIGH!!!! I know so sweet!!!

We went to eat at chick fil a, something quick so we would have time to see the movie. Then we went and saw Lord of the Rings (the first one)! The funny thing is that somehow I ended up buying us tickets and so did he!! He still rags me about that. I had been in the city for a while and thought it was the new cool for the girl to buy her own ticket and such! I felt like such a dork :)

As you all know that movie is SUPER long! So after the movie we walked to our cars. We got in Todd's car and he drove me to mine. It was freezing outside. I think we got snow the next week. I remember Todd offering me his mom's rainbow colored mittens. It was cute that he had those in his car. I did not want the night to end!! But dates to have to come to an end :) I am not sure what we talked about, but I do remember the goodnight kiss!!!!! It really was magical!!!

And they lived happily ever after :)
All because a girl faced her fears and went out to conquer her world!!!!

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