Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Healthy eating never tasted so good!!!!!

I am so excited about what I cooked for dinner that I just HAD to blog about it ;) Tonight I made the chicken nuggets and zucchini fries from Skinny Taste! I have made the nuggets before and really liked them so they were a no brainer. However I was unsure about the zucchini fries.....until I ate one! Oh my!!!! I am in LOVE!! They were crunchy like fries and were juicy on the inside as well. I actually had ketchup left over and that NEVER happens. Todd and I put ketchup on our ketchup, haha! And Noah is following in our footsteps. Unfortunately, he did not like the nuggets. That child will only eat Chick-fil-a nuggets! He ate them last time so I will just keep trying to get him to like them. And without further adieu here are some pics for your mouthwatering pleasure!
See told you I loved ketchup, HA!
For the recipes for the nuggets you can go HERE! And for the zucchini fries you can go HERE! You will not regret it! And yes I did find whole wheat breadcrumbs! Yay for healthy eating :)


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