Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

We did Valentine's Day with Noah a few days early b/c Todd had to work on V-day! My parents and Todd's parents have always gotten us something for V-day when we were kiddos, so we both wanted to keep that tradition up with Noah! I will take any excuse to spoil my babe rotten :)
 Here's Noah saying TA TA WEE! Which means Veggie Tales :)

And it would NOT be complete without some CHOC CHOC!!! 
He likes to "dance, dance, dance" :)

Then later that evening Todd had a surprise for me!
So pretty, just hope I can keep it alive, HA!

Now fast forward to Valentine's Day....
Like I mentioned earlier, Todd had to work 14 hours yesterday!! BOO!! But I did get to spend the day with my other valentine, Noah! We had swim lessons in the morning!

After swim Noah was very hungry so he snacked in the car!

We met up with my parent's on the way home for a nice lunch! Sorry I didn't get any pictures! They also gave Noah his V-day gift :) Then they left and Noah and I settled in for a nice little nap :)
I made him one of is FAVS (spg o's)!!!
He did SO well feeding himself!!! 
 Me and my Valentine!

Then we decided to make Daddy something, so I pulled out the finger paint! 
And then I let Noah just go wild with the paint! I added the text using the app RedStamp! 
And that was our Valentine's celebration! Hope y'all had a great one as well!


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