Saturday, February 4, 2012

B O Y!!!

Having a boy is alot of fun! I love seeing the boy come out in him each day. How he grabs his "tools" and fixes his mickey car or wants to collect rocks in the backyard. He is ALL boy for sure!! I can remember when we found out Noah was a boy at our ultrasound and I kept thinking I have NO clue how to raise a boy. I mean I only know girl thangs! But seriously it has come so natural and I just adore having a sweet little boy!!
He seriously is wild in love with his rocks!! See the joy in his face :)
 He loves to line them up and then take them from one table to the next!
I love this shot of his cute lil chubby hand with his favorite pals :)

And I could not leave out this picture of him being silly! He definitely keeps me on my toes!
I sure do love my boy!! And my older boy too, HA!!


Amber said...

Such precious pictures!

shauna said...

I love the chubby hands too :)