Wednesday, February 1, 2012

20 Months Old {just a lil late}

I know I am a bit behind (he was officially 20 mos old on Jan. 17th), but here is a post about Noah at 20 months old! I cannot believe he will be 21 months old in 16 days :( Closer to TWO everyday!

Happy 20 Months Noah Wesley!!! 

Clothes: Pants (18 mos), Shirts (24 mos-2T), Pajamas (24 mos. footy pjs).
Shoes: size 6 wide :) yes he has a chunky foot!
Diapers: just finished off the remaining 5 and moving on up to Size 6
Sleep: Noah sleeps in his bed really well now! He usually goes to bed around 8 pm and wakes up at 7 or 7:30. There are rare occasions where he gets up at night, but thankfully those have become rare! He naps once a day usually atleast 1 hour but the max is 2 hours. He still fights sleep ALL of the time. We rock him for naps and bedtime, but he knows if he fights us he goes in his bed. Which usually he just fusses or chit chats and then goes to sleep!
Teeth: 12 (6 top, 6 bottom)
Traveling: We went to SC to our friend's Lakehouse for a fun trip!
Talking: He amazes me each day with his vocabulary! He is putting more and more words together like saying "the end" after reading a book. He also says "momma up" or "come here Mag Mag". Somedays he says new words or phrases and I am like did he just say that :)
Favorite Activity: playing outside with his rocks! Right now the weather has been warm and so we have had the opportunity to go out a lot and he LOVES to collect rocks and line them up and play with them!!
Favorite Books: Night Night Prayer book, God loves you Nose to Toes book, Sesame street big and small book, and his toddler bible
Favorite Foods: ALL things fruit!!!! And he LOVES chickfila nuggets! They are almost the only ones I can get him to eat. Lately he has become a very picky eater and somedays he will gobble up mac and cheese and other days he acts like he hates it. I never know!! He has also discovered Cherios and loves them. Oh and my child knows what chocolate is and can request it if he sees the wrapper of a reeses cup!! He calls it choc choc
Foods disliked: Noah is weird with textures, so he won't eat mashed potatoes! I hope one day he will love them!
Favorite Songs: Jesus Loves Me! He sings it with me every night before bed. It is sooo precious. He also loves the Veggie Tales song and sings along to it!
Dislikes: Getting his nails cut! I swear I haven't cut his toenails in forever b/c he even wakes up during a nap if I try to cut them! It is crazy! 
Favorite Word: Noah has mastered saying "NO"! Sometimes he says it and doesn't mean no! I think it is just easier to say than yes! But he will tell me no all the time, with such a cute voice!!!
Things we are learning: He started his first swim class and really enjoyed it. I am working on him saying please and thank you right now when he orders us to move or get up! I just think is sounds nicer if he says "momma up please". He has learned most of the animals and their sounds. We started learning the color blue, but still haven't mastered that one yet. He tries to sing his ABC's while watching Sesame Street, but it doesn't really sound like the song. Hey atleast he is trying. And he LOVES to sing, he even sings on key! SO not like me :) He has always been a big helper with me and helps me take Maggie out to potty, pick up his toys, and put things in the trash can!! He cracks me up b/c he always wants to wipe the table down after he eats on it. He might just make Todd and I neat and tidy people, HA!!!

Gotta give my girl Amber a shout out, cause I so used her list for this! Thank you because I would not have thought of half of the things to write out :) Go check out her blog, she is a sweetheart! You can go HERE!


Tracy said...

Haha, that's funny cause I was just thinking how good your list is for these kind of posts too. I may too have to copy it lol. He is SO cute! Our little ones are getting too big!

The Sherrill Family said...

SOOO precious!! I can't believe how big he's getting. I was looking at his birth announcement the other day and realizing how much he's grown. Our God is pretty awesome to answer prayers that way.

Amber said...

Happy 20 months!