Friday, January 27, 2012

Wt Loss Journey

Well, I would LOVE to say that I have been Mrs. Perfect with eating and exercise! However, the truth is I have NOT!! And I am not complaining that I have not lost anymore weight b/c I know it is my fault. I am still new to this whole lifestyle change and I have my days of weakness!! And honestly, I am okay with that! As you can tell from my previous post about our story, there has been alot on my mind and heart these days. Then you add the fact that I have an almost two year old (sigh where does the time go) and you will get a Dana that doesn't get on the elliptical everyday! I really think it is all about balance. Not too much in one direction, ya know? I know that if I deprive myself completely it will only result in me binge eating later! I soo know myself!! My biggest problem is my sugar levels. My sugar gets really low really fast, so I have had to make sure to stay on top of eating healthy snacks in between meals. If I don't do that I will go crazy and have to inhale something to make myself stop shaking. So I have NO wtloss to report, HOWEVER, I can report that ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL! :D Which I do believe is part of the process too! I don't think it is all about what you eat, how much you work out, how much water you drink....yadda yadda yadda! Although those are important. But we do need to remember to take care of our hearts as well. And this week I have been working on that ALOT!! I am proud of myself for logging in myfitnesspal everyday, even on the bad days :) Which has been a great improvement for me!!! And I have been working on a list of meals that I can rotate each week to cook. I am making sure to find the right ones that I know will be tasty but not crazy full of calories. If I have good food to eat at home I will be more likely to eat it :) Which leads me to my next disclaimer: Do not buy your kid reese's cups for valentines day early! You may be too tempted to eat them!! HA!! NOT ME

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