Friday, January 20, 2012

Wt Loss Journey

Let's talk about WEIGHT!!! Such a fun topic, HA! Well, as y'all know I have been hitting the elliptical atleast twice a week. I know that sounds a bit low, but some weeks I do more. That is just my avg. I have found that I am really just working out to eat!!! 

I am such a food addict! I am talking junkie!!!! I love me some carbs and sweet tea!! And I am more of a go with the flow/give myself TONS of breaks kinda girl! I tend to be that way with other ppl too. I have never been one that can do tough love. I see so many other women that have lost weight and are eating healthy and I just wanna cry! Okay I do cry!!!! I try to sit on my computer and hit up pinterest for some healthy recipes and then I literally freeze up. That also happens when I shop! Hmm, wonder if I have some kinda disorder! It is just it overwhelms me and I don't know where to start!!

I have learned that I need to start steps! Or else I freeze! It is kinda like when you have to clean your entire house and you sit there wondering where the heck to start! Well I conquered that, and I CAN and WILL conquer this!!! 

So my baby step goal this week is to 
  • find atleast 5 healthy and good tasting recipes that I can rotate throughout the week. I just found a protein bar I love!!! And I am getting a friend to get me more! I will share the brand once I figure it out, HA! 
  • My new best friend is going to be my water cup! It is a cup I got at the zoo with a straw :) I plan on drinking it more and the coke zeros less. I am not completely cutting out the coke zeros b/c I am not nuts! Maybe later!!!
  • I need to work on my attitude and my thoughts!!! I think some praying and time with God will help with that!!!
  • And of course I am going to continue to do the elliptical for 30 minutes every other day. Usually I can get it in 3x a week, but like I said before twice is an average! 
  • Consistency is key, so oatmeal for breakfast from now on!!! And more eating at home, less eating out!!! 
If anyone has any recipes for some great and healthy pasta/chicken dishes or any other ones you LOVE let me know! And remember I am from the south where we fry everything so this is gonna be a big transition!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I struggle with healthy recipes as well but Im learning! The chicken fajita recipe I posted the other day on my blog is one of our new "healthy go to" recipes and its so easy as well!