Monday, January 30, 2012

Ta Da List

I love making Ta Da lists!! (my version of To do list) You know it makes more sense b/c when you are done cking off your list you can say "TA DA" :) And dude I am so rockin' the Ta Da list today! I made my meal plan for the week, grocery list, made two doctor's appointments, switched one doctor's appointment around, and now I am about to go and hit the laundry!!! I don't know about you, but I cannot do anything without making a list first. Todd makes fun of me b/c I spend so much time making the list!! But it just helps me organize it all and not get so overwhelmed. One thing on my ta da list was to work with my combination lock. You know practice with it. I am embarrassed to say I was always the one that could never get my locker opened in school. And since we are starting swim lessons tomorrow (WOOOHOO) I needed the lock to store all of our things in the locker! I could just see myself sitting there with Noah in one hand (us both dripping wet) and me trying to open the dang lock with the other hand. And all of the other moms watching me!! Kinda scared me, HA!!! So yes I admit it I practiced!!! I know I probably won't have pics from tomorrow since I will be solo with Noah, but I cannot wait to post about our swim lessons. Noah LOVES the water and while we were in SC we hit up an indoor pool a couple of times and he really enjoyed it. Plus I adore the water and the thought of getting out and about sounds AWESOME!!! Not to mention I can meet more stay at home moms!! Chat with y'all then! Hope you all have a great Monday!!!!


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