Friday, January 13, 2012

Step Out On Faith

Last night as I rocked Noah to sleep I started praying! I try to use that time to chat with God, but most of the time I end up thinking about all the lists I have juggling in my head! I start praying but I get side tracked. 

This time I was so at peace and just chatting with my sweet Jesus! I was telling him about everything that was going on in my heart and it was a nice chat! One I had needed for a while! One thing I prayed about was that God would help me to put Noah in his crib without him waking up. This has been an issue lately! Everytime I put Noah in his crib (sound asleep) his head pops up and the crying starts. Sometimes he will go back to sleep, but most times he either cries or sits and chit chats while throwing everything out of his crib!

I was kinda complaining to God that I always ask him to help me and I am not sure He is listening b/c everytime Noah pops his little head up. Then the Lord corrected me! It wasn't God, it was ME! I didn't have the faith in God! You know just like the story from the Bible where Jesus is walking on water and then one of his disciples comes out to join him only to sink after a few steps. The disciple lost faith and started to sink! Well, God reminded me that I have to step out on faith!! And keep my faith!

And wouldn't you know I put Noah down in his crib and he was OUT! I stepped out on faith! I know this isn't such a big step of faith, but it was a nice reminder that in life we all have moments where we just have to step out on faith and not waver! Or we will sink!!

For instance, even though I feel like I am eating right and exercising. My scale hasn't budged! Which is frustrating. But I need to have faith that God knows what is in store and as long as I do my part (by eating right and exercising) and have faith in His plan things will work out. And of course with all of that comes a peace like no other! 

Hoping everyone has a great wkend! I am psyched b/c tonight is DATE NITE :) Woohoo! I cherish these moments that allow Todd and I to nurture our relationship!


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