Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SC New Year's Trip with The Stricklands!

We have had a tradition of spending New Years with our great friends, The Stricklands, every year for almost 6 years! I think we may have only skipped one or two of them!! It has been awesome to have that tradition and ring in the new year with such amazing friends!

Here is a pic from our first New Years together!

This year we went to their lake house and enjoyed a great view!

And some chillaxin'

And some swimming :)

And some Footy PJ time :) (thanks to Naomi, who bought all of US footy pjs) I have to admit I am addicted now!! HA!!
The kids did not wanna cooperate! HA!!!

Speaking of the kiddos, here are our sweeties! Sophie and Noah!
We also enjoyed the Lake and some fishing! (well I watched)
BYE BYE 2011!!!!


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