Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lately in Iphone Instagrams :)

I am not doing the 366 project per se, but I have been taking pics with my phone alot lately and wanted to make sure and record them!! So this has been us lately :)
Smiley Boy!
The weather has been super nice lately! So I took my sweet babies outside for some playtime!
Who's the dork? Hmm, well these are my new glasses. Thank goodness I have been able to exchange them!
You are NEVER to old to eat at the kid's table especially when your kiddo asks you too! How can you refuse?
Noah wanted me to take everything off of the table! He wanted to "dust" such a sweet helper!
He loves playing outside and collecting rocks, such a BOY!!!
Noah and Daddy watching "ta ta wee" (aka veggie tales) on Daddy's phone
After playing outside we needed a snack! Noah LOVES suckers!!

Those eyelashes!!!!!!
Bubble baths are the BEST!!!
Late lunch after nap! Nothing like some "boc boc" (aka chicken) with TONS of ketchup and peaches :)

Such fun times! Maybe I will start to get out that expensive camera once again very soooon!! HA!!! And BTW I hate this new blogger dashboard and the compose posts now stinks!!!!


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Zina :: Let's Lasso the Moon said...

Even if you are not doing P366 per say I'd love to add you to a group board I am hosting on Pinterest if you are over there!

A bunch of us are sharing pics. I am capturing my "ordinary day" moments with Instagram too. :-)