Saturday, January 7, 2012

How many calories to lose a LB?

According to dr. google (HA) it takes 3500 calories burned to lose one pound!!! Wowza, that is overwhelming! But if you break it down to cutting back 300 calories with food and burning 200 calories with working out you could lose a pound  a week! You can break it down any way you want. If you would rather cut back more calories (400) and just burn 100 calories that would work too. According to dr. google!

Today I got back on the elliptical and was determined to do atleast 15 minutes. I pushed myself and did 30! I did have to lower the level a few times, but I did it! And felt awesome for pushing myself. Of course there was a time when I thought I was gonna throw up. And my face was red for atleast an hour after I worked out. 

I am still working on eating healthier! That has always been a battle for me! So I am guessing I need to do more portion control! I will do a wt loss journey post on Monday with a weigh in! Hoping the scale moves down a little ;)


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