Saturday, January 28, 2012

Date night is necessary!!!

Todd and I are fortunate to have a date night every other friday night :) Noah spends the night with Todd's parents and we are able to go out to dinner, maybe watch a movie, or do some grocery shopping (I know we are some wild ones, HA)! Then we get to sleep in the next day! Which oddly has been no later than 9 am! It is amazing how your idea of sleeping in changes once you have a kid. Sleeping past 8 is sleeping in for me now!! At first when we started doing our date nights every other friday I was kinda sad and felt a bit guilty. Then I realized that Todd and I needed a night to ourselves. And Noah needed that time with his grandparents and his cousins. His two older cousins (Jacob and Caleb) also spend the night with the g-parents so they all get to play together. That makes me so happy to know that he is making memories with his cousins and bonding with them. And Todd and I can take the time we need to just be us! After having a child you can get caught up in the day to day chaos and forget to take time for each other. Well, you just don't have the time you had before! So I highly recommend date night! Whether it is once a week, every other week, or once a month. I believe it is necessary!!! Even if you just have to get a sitter to come while you and hubs go out for dinner! It is amazing how much I talk on our dates! And it always amazes me how much we have to talk about. You know anything from catching up on what happens day to day to serious subjects like parenting! And of course I love that we get to be silly too!! I think it is important to remember that it was just the two of you before it was three! And once Noah (and other kiddos, yes I have hope) leaves the nest (NEVER) it will be just the two of us again! So it might be nice to know each other when that happens, HA!! And for your viewing pleasure here is a pic from our date night on friday :D We were super crazy and ate out and saw a movie!!
Someone would NOT cooperate and smile :D Gotta love em!!!

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Amber said...

this is something we are working on but dont go out very often. Thats wonderful that yall get to do it every two weeks-awesome!