Monday, January 30, 2012

Skinny Taste Chicken Nuggets

Tonight I made the skinny taste chicken nuggets (found HERE). They were amazing!!!!! I could not find the whole wheat italian breadcrumbs, but found whole wheat seasoned basically the same ;) They were super easy to make and it rocks that they are low in calories!!
 Don't they look YUM!!!

I ate the same thing as Noah :) Can you tell we LOVE us some ketchup, HA!!!

Noah ate in his big boy chair! This was mine when I was a toddler!! My dad made it! He made Noah one as well and we just need to paint it! He really liked sitting in it, but now he likes to climb in and out of it! Which makes me quite stressed!!!


Ta Da List

I love making Ta Da lists!! (my version of To do list) You know it makes more sense b/c when you are done cking off your list you can say "TA DA" :) And dude I am so rockin' the Ta Da list today! I made my meal plan for the week, grocery list, made two doctor's appointments, switched one doctor's appointment around, and now I am about to go and hit the laundry!!! I don't know about you, but I cannot do anything without making a list first. Todd makes fun of me b/c I spend so much time making the list!! But it just helps me organize it all and not get so overwhelmed. One thing on my ta da list was to work with my combination lock. You know practice with it. I am embarrassed to say I was always the one that could never get my locker opened in school. And since we are starting swim lessons tomorrow (WOOOHOO) I needed the lock to store all of our things in the locker! I could just see myself sitting there with Noah in one hand (us both dripping wet) and me trying to open the dang lock with the other hand. And all of the other moms watching me!! Kinda scared me, HA!!! So yes I admit it I practiced!!! I know I probably won't have pics from tomorrow since I will be solo with Noah, but I cannot wait to post about our swim lessons. Noah LOVES the water and while we were in SC we hit up an indoor pool a couple of times and he really enjoyed it. Plus I adore the water and the thought of getting out and about sounds AWESOME!!! Not to mention I can meet more stay at home moms!! Chat with y'all then! Hope you all have a great Monday!!!!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Do you remember the last time you had this much fun??
This is a picture (I might have snagged from fb) of my neecy poos at a recent bday party! Isn't it the cutest thang ever!!! From now on I wanna have this much fun everyday!!! :) Hope y'all can too!!!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Date night is necessary!!!

Todd and I are fortunate to have a date night every other friday night :) Noah spends the night with Todd's parents and we are able to go out to dinner, maybe watch a movie, or do some grocery shopping (I know we are some wild ones, HA)! Then we get to sleep in the next day! Which oddly has been no later than 9 am! It is amazing how your idea of sleeping in changes once you have a kid. Sleeping past 8 is sleeping in for me now!! At first when we started doing our date nights every other friday I was kinda sad and felt a bit guilty. Then I realized that Todd and I needed a night to ourselves. And Noah needed that time with his grandparents and his cousins. His two older cousins (Jacob and Caleb) also spend the night with the g-parents so they all get to play together. That makes me so happy to know that he is making memories with his cousins and bonding with them. And Todd and I can take the time we need to just be us! After having a child you can get caught up in the day to day chaos and forget to take time for each other. Well, you just don't have the time you had before! So I highly recommend date night! Whether it is once a week, every other week, or once a month. I believe it is necessary!!! Even if you just have to get a sitter to come while you and hubs go out for dinner! It is amazing how much I talk on our dates! And it always amazes me how much we have to talk about. You know anything from catching up on what happens day to day to serious subjects like parenting! And of course I love that we get to be silly too!! I think it is important to remember that it was just the two of you before it was three! And once Noah (and other kiddos, yes I have hope) leaves the nest (NEVER) it will be just the two of us again! So it might be nice to know each other when that happens, HA!! And for your viewing pleasure here is a pic from our date night on friday :D We were super crazy and ate out and saw a movie!!
Someone would NOT cooperate and smile :D Gotta love em!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wt Loss Journey

Well, I would LOVE to say that I have been Mrs. Perfect with eating and exercise! However, the truth is I have NOT!! And I am not complaining that I have not lost anymore weight b/c I know it is my fault. I am still new to this whole lifestyle change and I have my days of weakness!! And honestly, I am okay with that! As you can tell from my previous post about our story, there has been alot on my mind and heart these days. Then you add the fact that I have an almost two year old (sigh where does the time go) and you will get a Dana that doesn't get on the elliptical everyday! I really think it is all about balance. Not too much in one direction, ya know? I know that if I deprive myself completely it will only result in me binge eating later! I soo know myself!! My biggest problem is my sugar levels. My sugar gets really low really fast, so I have had to make sure to stay on top of eating healthy snacks in between meals. If I don't do that I will go crazy and have to inhale something to make myself stop shaking. So I have NO wtloss to report, HOWEVER, I can report that ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL! :D Which I do believe is part of the process too! I don't think it is all about what you eat, how much you work out, how much water you drink....yadda yadda yadda! Although those are important. But we do need to remember to take care of our hearts as well. And this week I have been working on that ALOT!! I am proud of myself for logging in myfitnesspal everyday, even on the bad days :) Which has been a great improvement for me!!! And I have been working on a list of meals that I can rotate each week to cook. I am making sure to find the right ones that I know will be tasty but not crazy full of calories. If I have good food to eat at home I will be more likely to eat it :) Which leads me to my next disclaimer: Do not buy your kid reese's cups for valentines day early! You may be too tempted to eat them!! HA!! NOT ME

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lately in Iphone Instagrams :)

I am not doing the 366 project per se, but I have been taking pics with my phone alot lately and wanted to make sure and record them!! So this has been us lately :)
Smiley Boy!
The weather has been super nice lately! So I took my sweet babies outside for some playtime!
Who's the dork? Hmm, well these are my new glasses. Thank goodness I have been able to exchange them!
You are NEVER to old to eat at the kid's table especially when your kiddo asks you too! How can you refuse?
Noah wanted me to take everything off of the table! He wanted to "dust" such a sweet helper!
He loves playing outside and collecting rocks, such a BOY!!!
Noah and Daddy watching "ta ta wee" (aka veggie tales) on Daddy's phone
After playing outside we needed a snack! Noah LOVES suckers!!

Those eyelashes!!!!!!
Bubble baths are the BEST!!!
Late lunch after nap! Nothing like some "boc boc" (aka chicken) with TONS of ketchup and peaches :)

Such fun times! Maybe I will start to get out that expensive camera once again very soooon!! HA!!! And BTW I hate this new blogger dashboard and the compose posts now stinks!!!!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Our story

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5

This was the verse that came into my head as I started to write this post! A post with tons of questions, well God answered me before I even asked! As you all know Noah is our IVF baby! He was our last frozen embryo from our one IVF. We had 13 eggs fertilized and only 5 thrived from those. We did a regular transfer with the first two and did not get pregnant. Then geared up for a frozen transfer. The doctor transferred two more which resulted in a pregnancy! We were beyond elated. My beta numbers more than doubled and things looked great. 

In case you don't know with fertility treatments each step is an uphill battle. You win each battle before even thinking about the next one. There is a progression. You can sometimes go two steps forward and then five steps back. It is literally an emotional roller coaster. So here we were finally pregnant. And we went to get our first ultrasound. That was the worst day of my life. The doctor kept looking with a worried look and then told us that our baby had stopped growing. 

It was like I was having a nightmare but was wide awake. I remember it very vividly. The look on Todd's face and the feeling of my heart sinking into my stomach! I still had hope that maybe things weren't as I had seen. Maybe the nurse would come in and tell us that we still had a chance. However, she did not. She came in and tried to comfort me and explain to me that we had lost our baby. I just wanted to push her away and run to Todd's arms. At this point tears were filling his eyes b/c he seemed to be so helpless at that point. I could tell he was trying to be strong for me but was heartbroken at the same time.

Then I lost it! They let us stay in the room to have time to process it all. Which all I wanted to do was get the heck out of there!! Todd put his arm around me and guided me out of the doctor's office and into the parking garage. The ride home was so long. I kept telling God that this was NOT happening. I had not gone this far only to lose our child. I was angry. I was sad. I was so lost. We came home and just sat in our bed and cried. I cried like I have never cried before screaming out in such pain. It was as if all the color had left my life. 

I was awake in my own worst nightmare. I blogged and so many of you reached out to me and prayed for us and sent so many encouraging comments or emails. I got flowers and lots of love. I know those prayers are what kept me going b/c I really had just spent the last three years of my life working on this one thing! To get pregnant and it was gone within minutes.

We took the next few months OFF and decided to take a break from it ALL!! We planned a halloween party at our house and debated on a NYC trip. Then we went to the beach and tried to have as much fun as possible. So much happened in our break. We almost adopted a sweet little girl, but those plans fell through b/c of Philippine laws. I truly found peace with God!! I realized that HE was the ONLY one that could heal my pain. It was a healing couple of months!!

Then it was time to do our second frozen transfer with our last embryo. Now just to make sure y'all know these embryos were my eggs and Todd's sperm. I get that question alot so I wanted to clear it up. I have to say that I went into it with very low expectations. The first transfer didn't take and  the second one resulted in a miscarriage, how could this one work? And with only one embryo I know my chances were even slimmer. 

The transfer was HORRIBLE! My doctor was a big ole butthead and yelled at me b/c my bladder was not full enough. So I went to drink another gallon of water and then he transferred Noah!! 

I literally was afraid to get off of our couch for the next week or so! I was scared to cough, etc. Even though the nurse assured me that I could not cough the baby out, HA! The day of the ultrasound I was scared to death. I had NO idea what was going to happen. I didn't know what our future held. Todd and I probably both held our breath as the doctor did the ultrasound. And there Noah was!! We could hear his heartbeat, see the little flicker of life inside of me! It was a miracle!! We were so excited but very cautious b/c we didn't wanna get our hopes up only to have them crushed once again.

And as you know the story ends with a beautiful and healthy baby boy!!! We had Noah almost one year exactly from our miscarriage/nightmare day!! Noah was born on May 21st, and the nightmare day was May 29th! We were blessed!! Not everyone gets that ending!!! 

Which leads me to the reason behind my post. And if you are still reading, wow, you are a trooper!! We want a second child. Not just for Noah to have a sibling (which would be a bonus) but b/c we desire another child. Some days I feel selfish for asking for more. Some days I don't. Today I was contemplating the entire IVF process again. So as I opened up my blog and hit new post I was going to write about what I should do. Try on our own...or go straight to the doctors. And that verse came into my head!!!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5

And now I have my answer!!! Thank you Lord for your grace and thank you soo much for your peace!!! Thank you for reminding me that I don't have to figure this all out on my own, I have YOU Lord!!!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

You can always go back home!

Before I post I have to give a shout out to the makers of contact solution boxes!! Thank you for making them so that I could dry my  hair this morning!! You helped keep Noah occupied! See....
I spent yesterday at my parent's house with my sweet Noah. Well, yesterday he wasn't his usual sweet self. He was a bit cranky...and that made this momma cranky too. We had tornado warnings all day and the weather was just yuck, so I am glad that I was able to hide out with mis padres! 

Todd had to work btw! I didn't just leave him at home, HA! During the storm my dad tracked it online to make sure we were safe. Noah was napping....
and I was cozied up on the couch on my dad's roll tide pillow pet :) hehe! 
I just felt such a sense of calm b/c there I was with my Momma, Daddy, and Noah all safe in my childhood home! Which will always be home!

After the storm left we had a visit from my sissy (aunt ta ta) and my neecy poos!! Which led to a choc choc fest!! They all were so cute eating their chocolate icecream!!!
It was such a nice day, despite the rain! The girls played with Noah after he finally let go of me. He is quite attached these days. And we were treated to tons of snacks and goodies! This is what happens at my parent's house, lots of snacks and yummy food!!!! 

There's no place like home!!!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Pictures tell the story!

Dare Devil
New bedding, which makes me actually wanna make up my bed!
sweet smiles
Homemade spinach, cheese, tomatoes, and onion pizza! YUM!
My sleepy boy snoozing in our bed! Cherished moments!!


Wt Loss Journey

Let's talk about WEIGHT!!! Such a fun topic, HA! Well, as y'all know I have been hitting the elliptical atleast twice a week. I know that sounds a bit low, but some weeks I do more. That is just my avg. I have found that I am really just working out to eat!!! 

I am such a food addict! I am talking junkie!!!! I love me some carbs and sweet tea!! And I am more of a go with the flow/give myself TONS of breaks kinda girl! I tend to be that way with other ppl too. I have never been one that can do tough love. I see so many other women that have lost weight and are eating healthy and I just wanna cry! Okay I do cry!!!! I try to sit on my computer and hit up pinterest for some healthy recipes and then I literally freeze up. That also happens when I shop! Hmm, wonder if I have some kinda disorder! It is just it overwhelms me and I don't know where to start!!

I have learned that I need to start steps! Or else I freeze! It is kinda like when you have to clean your entire house and you sit there wondering where the heck to start! Well I conquered that, and I CAN and WILL conquer this!!! 

So my baby step goal this week is to 
  • find atleast 5 healthy and good tasting recipes that I can rotate throughout the week. I just found a protein bar I love!!! And I am getting a friend to get me more! I will share the brand once I figure it out, HA! 
  • My new best friend is going to be my water cup! It is a cup I got at the zoo with a straw :) I plan on drinking it more and the coke zeros less. I am not completely cutting out the coke zeros b/c I am not nuts! Maybe later!!!
  • I need to work on my attitude and my thoughts!!! I think some praying and time with God will help with that!!!
  • And of course I am going to continue to do the elliptical for 30 minutes every other day. Usually I can get it in 3x a week, but like I said before twice is an average! 
  • Consistency is key, so oatmeal for breakfast from now on!!! And more eating at home, less eating out!!! 
If anyone has any recipes for some great and healthy pasta/chicken dishes or any other ones you LOVE let me know! And remember I am from the south where we fry everything so this is gonna be a big transition!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Messy Mom Monday!!!

I am linking up today! A bit of blog hopping. I saw this link up on Katie's blog and decided to join in! You can click on the picture above to link up as well :)

I love keeping it real!! Especially since alot of ppl have the perception that everyone always has it together! When they don't. 
Here's a look into our living room or should I say playroom!!

And my laundry is PILED up! The dishes are dirty! The stove has spg sauce stuck on it from Todd cooking (bless his heart) the other night! Atleast he tried :) 

The house needs dusting, the kitchen floor needs mopping (with a toddler sticky areas pop up all of the time), and the bathrooms need a good scrubbing!!! Not to mention we have NO groceries! So add that to the list! Whew, I am tired just listing that!!

Then there is me!! AF is here so you know you are gross during that!!! Then you add day old greasy hair! Yeah I am YUCK!!! I am in need of a shower, but need to wk out! But feel so gross that I don't wanna work out til after I shower! UGH what to do, what to do? Atleast Noah is dressed and cute :)


Saturday, January 14, 2012

January so far!

I have this amazing camera that Todd got me for my bday a while back and instead of using it...well I end up using my iPhone!! Now I have a TON of instagram pics (app on iPhone) and am not quite sure what to do with all of them! I decided to share a few on my blog! I would love to do the 366 project this year, but I am already kinda behind! 

Here are a few from outside! This weather has been crazy and it was so nice out! Now it is freezing and the forecast says it will be nice again next week!
 Snacking a fresco :)

 Such a boy! Noah loves exploring new things!

His joy just pours out and is contagious!!!

Noah has always LOVED Elmo, so I was able to get a few shots of him with his big Elmo and his little Elmo! Both times he was the one that wanted to pose with Elmo and smile! So grownie!
 We love our boy!!!!!
 Brusha Brusha Brusha!!!!

Noah just woke up from his nap and I took a picture! As you can tell he isn't completely awake. Love his bedhead :)

 Before I had Noah I prayed that ALL of my kiddos would be blessed with amazing eyelashes! I guess b/c I have NONE! And God sure did bless Noah with some!! 

 He puts Ketchup on his Ketchup!!