Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas!!!!



Saturday, December 22, 2012

Baby Livingston 2.0 update

Baby Livingston 2.0 is doing great!!!
Here is a picture from my first OB appt @ 11 weeks 6 days!
The appointment went great!! My doctor was very sweet and listened to all of my concerns and she even wanted to do an ultrasound to ease my mind. It is hard when you go from being monitored so closely to not at all!

Right now I am 14 weeks and 3 days!! I am not sure but when I lay flat on my back I think I can feel the baby a little :) And thankfully I am starting to get some energy back!! We rented a doppler (just like with Noah) and maybe once a week we check on the baby! I have been able to detect the heartbeat since 11 weeks!! I go back to my doctor on the 31st for another appt. and soon we will find out BOY or GIRL!!!! Woohoo!!!! I really do not care either way as long as the baby is healthy :)

Santa 2012

Noah did so well this year meeting Santa. At first he was a little weepy, but then after some bribing with a sucker he decided santa wasn't so bad. I think that watching santa on mickey mouse helped as well.

At one point Noah looked up at santa and it seemed like the longer he looked at him the more he was ready to get up, HA!! But after he told him he wanted tools and a slide he gave him a fist bump and was on his way with lots of candy ;)

Next year there will be two babes in the santa picture, eeeeeek!!!!

A couple of days after his santa pictures we were shopping (with my Momma) in Target and ran into santa. Noah's expression was priceless! He was full of joy and excitement. I think I was even a bit giddy watching Noah get so excited to see santa. It was such a moment!!!! Then he told santa he wanted tools and a slide again, this kid doesn't forget, and we were on our way!!!

And one more tid bit....on mickey mouse clubhouse they call santa by saying santa ho ho ho, so now that is how Noah calls santa! CUTE!!!!! 


Lately in pictures!!!!

Lately in pictures.....

11 weeks

12 weeks

13 weeks

 Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just a note to say

"Dress warmly
               Eat well
                    Stay safe and sound
                                            Keep Smiling
                                                       We're always there for you...."
                                                                           The Tigger Movie

I just LOVE that from The Tigger Movie!!!

All is well in the Livingston household. I am thankful for many things even if most of them include things like being tired all of the time or having tons of headaches. All of that means that the bambino(a) is growing and thriving. I will be 11 weeks tomorrow and am excited that I am getting closer and closer to the second trimester mark.

We all THREE just got over some annoying colds and boy am I glad that is OVER!!!! Noah and Todd were able to take some meds and get a little relief, but all I had was my trusty humidifier. I am not one to just let colds take their course, I take medicine for everything!! So this was a bit harder than previous colds. I was lucky to never really get sick when I was preggers with Noah bear. Hoping and praying that we are done with sickness, however, I am sure that was not the last of it.

Now let's talk about Noah! Noah, oh Noah! My sweet little boy!! He is my little helper or should I say big helper. He is so loving and kind. I could just eat him up!! He has become the little arguer and honestly gets it honest. I can't help but almost crack up when he is telling me that he HAS TO have chewies (gummies). He gets so animated and serious.

He has started to become interested in disney type movies. His new FAV is Bolt. We have watched it atleast 5 times and I haven't minded since I feel so tired and puny lately. And he still adores music and sings little made up songs like his classic "Momma Dadda Sit Right Dere". He even requests Zac Brown Band on my iphone as one of his FAVS to jam out to. He is still a picky eater and will not try new things. He sticks to the same ole things and I am hoping that he will start some veggies when he gets older or maybe I can enforce them when he gets older. Right now his source of vegetables consists of spaghetti o's and capri sun fruit and veggie mix. Yeah don't judge...I offer him them all of the time, but NO go!! :( BOOO!!

I still believe he hasn't gotten his second year molars and am a bit concerned b/c I believe he should have them by now. Speaking of teeth, he loves to brush his teeth. Which makes me soo happy!!! We still haven't done a dentist visit b/c he does NOT do well at the doctor's office. He knows where we are as soon as we pull up and doesn't like being poked and prodded. Although I have to say his dr. rocks!!

I keep trying to imagine Noah with a little brother or sister and just can't seem to wrap my brain around it. I am so excited to find out the gender so I can really start dreaming :)

And of course I can't leave without a few pictures (especially for my Aunt Sue). Noah is always pulling out the bread and pnut butter wanting to make a sandwich so one night we let him! He was so proud (us too)!!!

A few bump pics with my firstborn!
7 weeks

8 weeks

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ultrasound @ 7 wks 2 days

I am still in shock at God's miracle taking place in our lives!!! We had another ultrasound yesterday and as usual I prepared myself for the worst. I didn't even want to look at the screen until I heard good news. And there was our little miracle and his/her heart was just a fluttering!! The baby grew from 2mm to 10mm and the heart rate was 134 bpm!!
You can see the yolk sac very clear in this picture!! The doctor said that I could take finally take a deep breath! I know we still have a LONG way to go!!!! And honestly, I don't think I can take a deep breath just yet. I am sure on viability day I will be able to :)

We are thankful beyond words about this sweet baby!!!! I am still asking for prayers for this amazing life to thrive and grow!!! Oh and my due date is 6-19-13 (which is also my neecy poo's bday)!!

Happy Halloween 2012!!

Happy Halloween!!!

 The Livingstons!! All four of us :)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

God is Listening!!!!!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks!! As y'all know we had our bloodwork done (aka beta) and were excited when we found out we were pregnant and our beta was 120. Then at our second beta our numbers didn't double and were 168. The doctor was worried, but said that maybe both embryos had implanted and one was not making it so she ordered another bloodtest. The third one came back and my heart broke. It didn't double, and was 271.

We prepared for a miscarriage. The doctor even told us that we needed to be ready for a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. We were so sad and devastated. The doctor ordered another beta to see if my numbers were going down. Well, they didn't! And they didn't just go up, THEY DOUBLED!! To 818, from 271!! Now my doctor thought for sure we were dealing with an ectopic pregnancy. This terrified me! To think I would have to chose to abort my baby all b/c it was in my fallopian tubes! It just didn't seem right and I was praying like crazy that we wouldn't have to make that decision.

 So she ordered yet another beta! And wouldn't you know it more than doubled again! To 1702!!! They were VERY pessimistic and told me not to get my hopes up, but to wait for an ultrasound!! We had an ultrasound done that day and there was a sweet little precious miracle in my uterus, NOT in the my fallopian tubes! And the babe was measuring on time, 5 weeks and 3 days!! The entire doctor's appointment was so scary! I went alone b/c Todd had to work and that is just how I have to deal with things, either with Todd or alone. The doctor was not hopeful at all and even after the ultrasound she talked to me about a DNC! Yeah, I kept thinking is there something she is not telling me...didn't I just see a baby?? I was so confused and so numb! I had no idea what was going on! Here is our first ultrasound!

My next beta was ordered and praise the Lord it doubled again to 3464!! This was amazing news and was starting to give me more and more hope! The next big step was the next ultrasound. They were hoping to see a heartbeat.

We went in today and had our second ultrasound and were able to see the heart beating at 119 BPM. Todd was elated and I was in shock!! I had fully prepared myself for the worst. Plus, even after Noah, we still had no idea what we were looking at on the ultrasound. Here's the second ultrasound picture!

 I feel so bad for not updating everyone on all of this news until now!! We just didn't know what was going to happen and really thought it was over. Plus the doctors were not giving us any hope to stand on at each visit. They are still concerned b/c of my early beta numbers. But for now we are joyful and very thankful for this miracle from God! Thank y'all for all of the prayers and please continue to send them up! We feel all of the prayers and I know that God is listening.

I go back next week for another ultrasound!! Praying things continue to look up!!!