Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wt Loss Journey

  Well it is NO surprise that I haven't been able to get on the eliptical lately! :( But I have been keeping super busy!!! Which has helped :) 
Start wt: 161
Current wt: 158.5
Goals: Continue to eat is all about small steps! And get on the eliptical!!!!!!!!

I have to say that staying busy has been the best medicine for me! Plus, I am learning to say NO to certain foods. I am by NO means doing great with my diet, but like I said it is all about small steps to changing into living a better lifestyle! I still want to work my way up to taking my group power class. 

I have been trying to create a routine for myself. A routine is hard for our family b/c Todd's work schedule is always flip flopping. But I see now that it is important that even though his schedule changes, I must keep the same stay sane and to get things done!!! That has been my biggest change..routine!! Once I have a routine it is easier to get things done and not get overwhelmed. But if you are like me and tend to be the opposite of OCD then it may take time! I am still in the beginning stages and hope to one day be able to tell y'all my routine ;) 

 Happy Thursday!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the WL! You can do it!

shauna said...

Yay for weight loss! I hear ya about the routine. I have always been so bad about following a routine. What really helped me was just writing down what I wanted to accomplish every day. It doesn't always get done at the same time, but it gets done. Remember that having a toddler is one job in and of itself. Jakob can wreck the house as fast as I can clean it up :)

One Creative Momma said...

Hi Dana! Thanks for your sweet comments about my home. I, too, am on a weight loss journey. Well, I like to refer to it as a "lifestyle change". Since I am a working mom and as busy as you are, they only thing that works for me is calorie restriction. So, I feel your pain! :( Keep at it - your doing great! Nice to "meet you" too.