Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weight Loss Journey

This month has been HARD! All the sweets and yummy food all around is hard to resist! And remember that goal of mine where I was just going to have ONE treat at the Christmas party, well FAIL! I had several :) 

And I am not gonna get all down on myself about it! I enjoyed myself and Tis the Season :D I did work out today (thanks Susan for the encouragement)!!! I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and was LOVING it! I had a moment in the middle where it got hard, but then all of a sudden I was in my groove! After the elliptical I did a few bicep curls and tricep exercises! Then I did a few crunches! I am proud of myself!!!!

I have not even gotten on a scale and just not worrying so much this month! As long as I don't go over my original wt I am okay! Next month is hit it and get it month! I am just shocked that I have even been able to work out some! And super glad that I enjoyed it! I swear I actually need it!!!!

December New Goals: 
  • Don't go over original wt
  • try to work out atleast twice a week
  • Enjoy Life!!!!!


Amber_Keever said...

I was following atkins but have decided this month is an off month. I'm still eating healthy just not sugar free and am hitting the gym every day. That helps a lot in the guilt area! You can totally lose that weight :) Just keep at it!

Anonymous said...

I think Decemember is definitely a hard month with all the wonderful stuff for the holidays. 2012 is going to be it! We can do it girl!