Friday, December 9, 2011

Here and There

I have probably written like a ton of posts! I have so much going on in my head, so y'all are gonna get a random post :) Sorry gotta get it OUT!!

I worked out twice this week and am so pumped about it! I did the elliptical for 30 minutes each time. It is amazing how empowered I feel after I accomplish my workout. It is a feeling that encourages me to work out again b/c I love feeling that way :) And thx to my sweet friends Katie and Susan inspiring me via twitter to get up and work out. Y'all just don't know what it meant to feel so much support. 

I so need a haircut, but have NO time for one! I am not even sure how I am going to keep up my strength for the weekend. Todd works this wkend and I am already exhausted and it is just Friday. Today I did my no stopping routine of cleaning/laundry/wking out all while taking care of Noah. Then we went to my neecy poo's bday party tonight and Noah didn't want anyone but me. Which is nice, but I was sad that he didn't want to get down and play. I know that there were just a bunch of 6-7 year old girls there but I really wanted Noah to get down and have some fun! He was not having it and stayed on my hip most of the time. I even took pics with my enormous camera with him on my hip! Yep,  mommas can do just about anything with a baby on their hip :) Then he decided to cry (like screaming to the point that it sounded like it was hurting his throat) ALL the way home. Which btw is a 30 minute drive! Yeah, I was just praying the whole way home to keep my cool. And I couldn't pull over b/c we were out in the country at night. Then I get home and he fought me when it was time to rock him to sleep. He was just overly tired b/c once I got him to lay down he fell right asleep! I just pray he sleeps through the night!

Then this night got worse when I spilled sweet tea on my phone while trying to plug in the Christmas tree. Thankfully it was not fatal :)  And like I said it is just Friday. Saturday we have my neecy poos dance recital (during Noah's and of course church on Sunday. But I will be doing it all SOLO!!! Hope I can hold out!!!! You single mommas are true superheros!!!!!!

Which leads me to the next thing. Noah has been getting up at night! And well Todd has been getting him and putting him in our bed, but unlike most kids Noah doesn't go back to sleep. Instead he speaks japanese and flips and flops all over the bed. Seriously why does my kid hate sleeping so much? It makes NO sense cause Todd and I love sleeping :) Not sure why he is still getting can be so frustrating. It makes me feel like I am doing something wrong as a momma!!!! 

I am debating on doing a post with pics of our Christmas decor. Mainly b/c this is the first year I feel really proud of how I have decorated. Usually, I don't buy much as far as decor (to save money)! But this year I bought a few new things and really like them. There is something so warm and fuzzy about having your Christmas tree lights on in your living room with all the lights out while you kick back and watch TV. 

Well that's  all for now :) I will leave you with a super cute pic of Noah and I after Carley's party. There was a sucker in his goody cup and he LOVED it! I let him devour it while we waited on Todd's to go order (still gotta feed my man even if he is working)

Not the best quality, but they are my iphone pics :) Maybe I should have given him the sucker at the beginning of the party!

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Anonymous said...

crying all the way home would be pure torture for sure and yeah fighting sleep I feel you because Morgan does the same thing sometimes and its tough on mommies:)

I know there is a link up soon on a blog for show your christmas decorations if you are interested.