Saturday, December 3, 2011

Date Nite

 It is amazing how getting sleep can helps sooo much!! I swear by date nights!! I used to think they weren't that necessary because Todd and I talk and such. But it is refreshing to talk just us!! We need that and Noah needs time away from us. I know that sounds weird to say that Noah needs time away, but he does. He gets to spend the night with his cousins and he LOVES it. Since I am SAHM he doesn't get much kid to kid interaction and I am so grateful that he gets that on our date nights. 

Have you even tried to eat with a toddler by your side? Well, it isn't the same as when you don't have to cut up food, constantly wipe things down, or basically entertain while shoveling food in your own mouth! It was heavenly to indulge in this on our date night...
I was good, we both had leftovers :)
US :)
 You can so tell I had NO sleep the night before, but doesn't my hubs looks soo hot :) Love his beard!!! 

So there's my two cents on date nite :) If you have a kid or not...go out and have a date nite! It is worth taking the time to just be the two of you and enjoy each other!

P.S. I know that Nite is spelled Night ;)


Anonymous said...

This is one area that we definitely are working on but havent done a great job at. How fun you and hubby got to go on a date night!

CJA said...

I think you look great even if you didnt have sleep! I am your new follower! would love a follow back :)
have a blessed day