Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Please Help!!!! *with new pics*

 I am a bit superstitious!! And this year I found the most PERFECT stockings! Ones I had dreamed of in my head! And the problem was they only had 3 at Garden Ridge! So now if I can't get two more I feel like we will not be able to have more kids! Like I said superstitious! Like it is some omen that we will always be a family of three! And don't get me wrong I feel super blessed to even get to be three :D

So I am asking y'all! My blog sisters for some help! Here in GA I have checked the two Garden Ridges closest to us and nothing!!! So if y'all are out and at Garden Ridge would you look for this stocking:
note the jester curly end :)
And I will pay you for it and for shipping and even for gas if needed! Just to clarify why I need two more: We have four in our family now (counting Maggie) and if we have another kiddo there will be five...hence the two more stockings! I wanted to explain b/c I asked for help on fb and ppl were quite confused when they saw I had 3 stockings and wanted 2 more :) I And really I would be happy with just one more stocking! I can find Maggie a doggie one :))))) Thanks!!!!!!! 

*And I know the picture quality is poor, so I will make some more pics today with my camera and upload them later! We are off to turn my baby boy into a little boy :( First haircut!! Post on that later...bittersweet!

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Anonymous said...

those are beautiful stockings! I wonder if you call one of the other stores if they would mail them to you possibly?? Good luck finding them