Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mommy Birthday!

I am SO not the type of person to tell ppl it is my birthday, but it is a must for this post! Yesterday was my bday, I turned 31, yikes..that was hard to type!!!! Well, it is funny to me how when you get older your birthday isn't as it was when you were younger.

Remember when you couldn't wait to get older? Or remember when your bday was ALL about you ALL day? HAHA!! Today I got the BEST gift!! I was blessed with being a momma!! It is NO secret on here how long and hard I dreamed of being a momma!! Years past on my bday, yes I may have been able to take it easy that day and just chillax!

But today I had a VERY important job!!! Noah is sick and he needed HIS MOMMA :) We went to the doctor and he actually did pretty good. Usually he screams from the time we are called back until we walk out the door (smart boy recognizes where he is and that they give shots there). This time he was calm until the doctor came in and then sweetly layed on my shoulder after the check up while I was able to talk to the doctor. Yes folks, I was able to TALK to the doctor and actually hear him, HAHA!!! I was very proud of  Noah for being such a big boy!

We needed to go to Wal-mart to get some more baby wipes so I decided to get Noah a toy for being such a big boy :)) We found a super cute little ambulance car that makes noise and some mega Lego blocks! My neighbor had just told me how much Noah enjoyed the mega Lego's at her house, so I had wanted to get him some. The poor lil dude has NO big boy toys and we hate to buy him too much right now with Christmas right around the corner, but come on he gets bored...Neways I digress.....

Noah was a champ at Wal-mart. I had to redirect him a few times but I was able to browse a bit :)) After our fun shopping trip we headed to get Noah's meds at the pharmacy! Just to clarify: Noah's doctor is 40 minutes from our house, wal-mart is near the doctor's office, and the pharmacy is 10 minutes from our house...on the way home from wal-mart! I asked my sweet friend at the doctor's office to go ahead and call in the scripts ahead of time so we could just swing by, pick them up, and get HOME!! Well, that didn't go as planned! It took a long time and after such a LONG day and adding the fact that Noah wasn't feeling the best, he had a meltdown. Poor thing cried so loud they had to close the window to the drive through while we waited (the first time). We had to drive around three times before it was ready :( And since Todd works at a pharmacy like this one, Noah saw the guy in the window that had dark hair and thought it was Da Da! So that made him cry more :( Poor baby!!!

We finally made it home and when we pulled in the driveway Noah was passed out! I scooped him up and went inside, sat on the couch, and cried!!!! It was a stressful drive home :( Thankfully, my parents were coming in the door right after we arrived to bring me some bday goodies ;) Sweet relief!!!

I will admit it, my bday didn't go as I had dreamed. Ya know being pampered at a spa, HA!! But I would NOT have had it any other way!!! I was a momma in full force today and I am so thankful for that gift!!

I am hoping Noah gets better soon! :)
And I did get TONS of bday wishes today so I am thankful for that as well! I feel LOVED :)))) 

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Anonymous said...

One more thing in common-we will be 31 just a few months difference because I turn 31 in February.

I hope Noah feels better poor thing.