Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am {blank} because...

I am such a sucker for these types of things! I saw this on a few other blogs and had to join in ;)

I am weird because...
  • I cannot drink any kinda drink out of a cup that has ice in it without a straw!! Like NO WAY!! I will wait for a straw or not drink it at all! 
  • I must wear socks to bed, no matter how hot it is!! And not those footy socks, they gotta be the tall ones!!! HA
  • I have super human smelling abilities! Seriously! I can smell the trash can if the pantry door is opened and I am in the living room!
I am a bad friend because...
  • If I am with another friend or family member I won't respond immediately to texts or phone calls. I feel like it is rude to the person I am currently with.
  • I am really bad at remember dates like bdays, but now I have a new calendar so maybe that will get better!
  • I tend to prioritize myself last, so friend time gets put on the bottom of my list :(

I am a good friend because...
  • I have a counseling degree so I can listen for days, HA!!! 
  • If you need me I am there!!!!! Anytime, anywhere!!! Although with Noah that has become harder to do lately!
  • With friendships I give my whole heart! So when I say I love you or love ya, or any of those varieties...I mean it!!! I genuinely do love and can be very gullible that way. It has gotten my heart hurt a bit, but so worth it!!

I am sad because...
  • I let food rule over me!!
  • I worry we won't be able to have another child and feel guilty for even wanting more....b/c we were blessed to atleast have one!
  • I wish I had more friends in the same season of life as me! Or more friends period!!!!
  • Noah is growing up so fast and I fear this time is slipping away too fast!!
  • I can't seem to lose weight....or should I rephrase that and say I haven't been trying hard enough to lose weight and it bothers me!!!!!

I am happy because...
  • I am a momma! YES, and I LOVE and ADORE each second of it!!
  • My husband is a hands on daddy!
  • My husband loves me no matter what size I am!!
  • I have the best family...the kind that always says I love you when we hang up on the phone....even when we talk a few times a day!
  • I have a child!!! Can I not emphasize that enough!!! And he is the most precious boy!!!!
  • I decorated my house for Christmas this year, and might I say I am quite proud of how it turned out :)

I am excited for...
  • Christmas morning and seeing Noah's face as he sees all his new toys :)
  • God's plan and being okay with not always knowing what His plan is.
  • Date night this week ;)
  • new episodes of Vampire diaries :) and Secret circle! 
  • Swim lessons with Noah in January!
  • All the new traditions and memories we will be making with Noah!

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