Sunday, November 6, 2011

Help a sista out!!!!

I don't know about y'all, but it seems like overnight my "ta da" list has become overwhelming!! It always happens this time of year!! There is sooo much to think about!!! Lately I have been stressing over Christmas card pics!! I want to get a good family shot, but have NO clue what to wear! I can dress Todd and Noah with my eyes closed, but me.....NOPE!!! I just don't know what is "in" anymore! Or what would look good on my body type! Which has changed oh soo much since having Noah!! :( I would love to rock the skinny jeans and tall-ish boots look but I am just not sure if my body can rock that look!

And in general I just need to get new clothes. I have one pair of pants that fit me and all of my shirts are too small!! And lets not even talk about shoes! I haven't bought a new pair in FOREVER!! My boots are soo scuffed that I am embarrassed to wear them out!!! Anyone wanna take on a lost cause and help a sista out?? If so, please email me!!! PLLLLLEAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus it is my Birthday tomorrow (well today) the 7th, so feel sorry for me and give me a bday present by helping me out :))))

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Im so clueless on style too let me know what you find out because Im so in the same boat as you :)