Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy 18 Months Noah!

  Happy 18 months Noah Wesley!!!

It has been quite a while since I have done a monthly post, so I think it is about time to update a bit! Today you are 1 year and 1/2 years old!!!! You are only 6 short months away from being 2! Wow, time is flying by! It really does seem like yesterday that you were born. Lately you have been just exploding with new language skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and exploring skills (hehe). Here are a few things about you sweet Noah:
  • You cut your 12 mos. molars and eye teeth all at the same time this month, no fun!!! It was rough, but you handled it like a champ! Now you have a total of 11 teeth! 
  • You can say ANY word!! You like to mimic and can chat up a storm. I am amazed that you say golf cart so clearly and at how easily you pick up new words!
  • You are SO smart! You can buckle anything, big or small. Maggie's leash is super small and you can easily buckle it! Go fine motor skills :)))
  • You are going to be a soccer player for sure! You are always kicking the ball around and look like a pro! Go gross motor skills :)))
  • You are such a typical boy! You LOVE all things boyish! Bugs (especially grand-daddy long legs), dirt, exploring, climbing on EVERYTHING, and running everywhere you go!
  • You are singing too! In the car you sing along to Elmo (your new favorite). And at home you sing Elmo songs, the itsy bitsy spider song, and you love the song that Grammy and I sing to you!! 
  • Which leads me to this one, you dance alot!!! You really love music! Probably because it is ALWAYS playing (thanks to daddy). You dance to alot of Elmo shows, like the hop song. And at night you get super silly and dance and spin in circles.
  • You eat so much better than you did as a baby! Thank the Lord! But you are picky about textures! Like you won't eat mashed potatoes! You are loving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with pringles chips, spaghetti o's, sweet peas, bananas, peaches, oranges, grapes, chicken noodle soup, green beans, and of course ANYTHING with ketchup on it!
  • You have been a champ at spending the night at Nanny and Papa's house so Daddy and I can go on date nights! You adore you older cousins and really try to do everything they do. They are your best buds!!
  • Sleep has been so so. You cut alot of teeth at once this month and got sick so you started to get up at night again :( But we are hoping this will stop sooooon! However, you have slept in the bed with us a few times and that was sweet!!
  • You follow your Daddy around and just adore him. It is so obvious that you already look up to him oh so much! It is very sweet!!!
  • You give the best kisses ;))) and love to pat me on the back when I pat you on the back! 
  • You can name your hair, head, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, eyes, belly button, back, front, hands, feet, toes, and knees! 
  • We are working on colors and you can say two after I say one :))) 
  • You are my super dooper helper! You listen so well and help me when I ask you to clean up! You have even cleaned up without me asking! You like things to be in their place, so unlike your parents! Maybe you can train us up right, HA!
As always you are such a joy! Such a loving sweet little boy! Well not so little as you are weighing 26 lbs (as of the last doctor's appt.) and we will find out your height at the next appt. (Monday to get ur 18 mos. shots). You wear size 5 diapers and 18 mos pants and 18-24 mos shirts. Your shoe size is currently a wide 5 :D 

Noah, your Momma and Daddy love you soo much!!! Thank you for blessing us with your sweetness each day! Life is so much sweeter with you in it!!!!!


Anthony and Katie Green said...

Happy 18 months, Noah! You are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy 18 months!

Tracy said...

Gosh he is one handsome little guy! Our girls are 18 months tomorrow! They are all just growing too fast..ah!!