Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Family Christmas Cards

 Thank y'all sooo much for the encouragement and support from my last post! The emails and comments were super sweet!! I am still working through all these stinkin withdrawals, and have decided to take a low dose of Prozac. I just couldn't do it! I really wanted to be able to be the best me for Noah! He needs me so much right now!

So to help deal with all the withdrawals I have made sure to keep myself very busy! Per a new great friend's advice :) And I have done just that!! As long as I am moving I don't notice all the nausea, pain, headaches, or general icky feeling. Once I stop..that is a different story. I am so ready to feel "normal" again!!!!!! And don't get me wrong it has been really hard just moving! I thankfully have some frozen meals in the freezer and a great family that helps me out sooo much!!! I literally got up Saturday morning and went to Todd's parents house for the day, then got up Sunday morning and hit up my parent's house for the day!!!!

Then on....
Monday evening Todd and I went out to get some outfits for our family photo shoot the next day. We had a late start but shopped hard from 6-9 and came home with just ONE shirt for Todd! I was so discouraged and learned that "skinny" jeans and high boots do NOT look good on me!!! And that I need to really start doing something if I wanna lose weight! WAKE UP CALL! I manage to put a few things together that we already had at home! Not as stylish as I had wished, but still cute nonetheless!!

We did our family Christmas pictures on Tuesday.....and I think we got several GR8 shots :)  Last night I got on Shutterfly (even though I am still upset with them for not sending me the promo like last year...but I can't be mad b/c I still used a few promo codes and saved $66, plus their cardstock ROCKS!) and worked super hard on our Christmas card! I had several different cards saved and then I got Todd to help me narrow them down!! 

Last year we just did a picture of Noah and so this year I was really psyched that we actually got a family picture :)) YAY!!! Here are some of the outtakes!! And when you have an almost 18 mos old there will be a lot of outtakes ;)

Here is our gorgeous photographer (aka sissy in law), she was awesome and even brought lots of goodies to get Noah's attention...and they even made Todd and I laugh a lot too :) Thank you sweet sissy!!!

And before we left Noah had to show off his mad skills of walking on Daddy's legs!! I have the cutest boys :)))) 

 Can't wait to share the final product...SOON!!!


shauna said...

Awww! I can't wait to see the pictures. That is awesome to have a photographer in the family :)

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see your final christmas card picture! We still need to take our picture for our cards.