Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day One!! A revelation!

Y'all I am sooo psyched!! I realized how I lost the wt before! Well obviously it means working out and eating less, duh! But I mean I figured out how to motivate my mind!!! 

The other day I was putting in my bkfast into the APP myfitnesspal and realized that only 3/4 of a cup of cocoa pebbles is 120 calories! I was like DANG!!! Then of course, I had like 3 servings, UGH!!!

Today I decided to hit the eliptical! I ran for 17 1/2 minutes! I am talking level two, hitting it hard!!! And I only burned 117 calories.

After seeing this and putting 2 & 2 HIT me like a bag of bricks, or is the saying a ton of bricks (?) any who...I just had to share with y'all! It only took me almost 18 mos (since Noah was born, tomorrow will be 18 mos, still holding on to today as 17 mos) to figure it out! 

More Proof
See I had it on 30 minutes and it was counting down, which totally gets me b/c I am horrible at math! But I did 17 1/2 minutes! And y'all my face was RED!! 

My plan now is to do the eliptical as much as possible for a week and then hit up the Group Power class at the gym. I need to work up to that class. It is tough. It is the one with the wts and you do TONS of reps, but I did it before when I lost 30 lbs...hoping it works again!!!!

Current Weight: 161 :( 
Goal Weight: 130

Goals this week: 
1. do the eliptical for a week, working my way up to 30 minutes!! 
2. Remember how much work it is to work off the junk I put in my mouth!!!! So eat less or better!!!!!!!! 

Before Picture
This picture is from our vacation in June, but I am the same size!!! Praying I get to post an after picture one day like Katie :)


Anonymous said...

you can do it girl!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

You will, love! you will!

Tami said...

You can do it girl!