Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wake Up Dana!!!!

I must admit it has been really hard lately to eat better or to even allow myself to be disciplined in any way when it comes to food! I swear if I could I would soo need rehab just to stop eating JUNK!!! And I honestly think that I am doing this b/c I just have not been able to really get my mind set on changing. Of course we all know how hard change is!

I always have good intentions of eating better and losing wt but then as the day progresses I give in. It seems like there are more and more moments when I am just indulging myself b/c well it makes me happy. For that moment...until I go and put on my jeans (like today) and realize I cannot get them over my hips. Yep folks within a month I have outgrown my jeans! It totally bummed me out and kinda ruined my day. I see so many of my mommy friends getting their hineys in gear and losing wt and rockin it! And I am sitting here wondering why I keep stuffing my face with chocolate fudge poptarts.

So I just had to take the moment to do an honest, in ur face, beyond my comfort zone post about this. I am hoping it will wake me up and get me going. So here goes!!!

When I gained alot of wt while we were TTC I was MISERABLE!! I mean I actually went out and bought a pair of stretchy yoga type pants and I think I wore them everyday!!! Todd got sooo sick of them!! I was just too afraid to put on actual clothes b/c I knew I would have to face the reality that I had gained so much wt. Well then Metformin came into my life. Then came my diet for PCOS. Then I hit up the gym and rocked it!! I swear looking back it was like the wt just melted off so quickly. Like I woke up one day and could fit into my skinny jeans. I don't even know that girl anymore! I wish I could go back and say...how did you do that...or make sure to document how you lose wt for future reference.

Here I am now with the blessing I prayed for....cried for...begged for...screamed for....NOAH!!! And I am not happy in my own skin! And that SUCKS!! I am mad at myself b/c I should be enjoying momma hood to the FULLEST! Not worrying about fat rolls!!! Plus there is the whole thing where I am influential in this little person's life and wanna be a good example.

I am now awake and ready to really get my behind in gear! So I am asking for y'all to please pray for me!! I am gonna need tons of help b/c I know I cannot do this by myself. I am too weak!!! If anyone wants to share any advice on how you lost the baby wt please..please share!!!! Or any recipes!! And if you are still reading thank you for listening :) Love y'all!!!


The Sherrill Family said...

Ok. 1 - you should not label this post "fatty"...
2 - I am totally struggling with this too. Maybe we should start a joint fitness blog for anyone whose intereted in trying to lose weight and keep e/o accountable for what we eat. I'm trying to do the same; and wake up at 6 am every morning to exercise (especially hard since I'm not a morning person) to try and get back down to my ideal weight and feel better about me.
What do you think?

shauna said...

I know losing weight is hard, especially with pcos! I hope that you find what works for you because once you find a diet/lifestyle that you can live with it's not quite as hard. I have to tell you I'm jealous that y'all are getting nice fall weather. We've still got a month or two before we get cooler weather. Makes me wish we were still in Ga!!! Kiss Noah's chubby cheek for me :)

Amber_Keever said...

HI, I know you don't know me but I'm Shauna's sister :) I can totally relate in your weight struggle. I have a 6mo little girl and gained 50lbs while pregnant. To add to that I also have PCOS like you. Shauna had been telling me to try Atkin's Diet for a while, like since I was 7mo PG she was teling me when I stopped nursing to start it. Well, hard headed me I started about 2 1/2wks ago and I've lost 9.5lbs without exercising. I sicerely reccomend buying the book, it's like $5 on amazon.com and reading it. It's so easy and well layed out. It's also much healthier than it used to be. I'll be praying for you because I can completely relate to how you feel about those jeans! But, we can do it :)

Anonymous said...

Im right there with you girl! This week sucked for me royally too but hopefully we can both figure it out sometime. I wish I had answers but just like you I struggle also.