Thursday, October 13, 2011

Team Ella!!!!

One of my sweet friends needs your prayers right now!! I am asking for all of you to pray for this beautiful little girl! Lift her up daily and ask God to heal her precious body!!! I don't think I could tell her story as well as Kristin (her mommy) told it. Here is what she wrote on fb (I asked for permission to share her post): 
 "I want to say THANK YOU for the prayers, support, and love - As I write this post... My heart begins to beat faster. This week has been the hardest week of my life so far- 
On Monday... My sweet angel was diagnosed with leukemia- those were words I never thought I would hear. As much as I want this to be a bad dream- its not...this is real! Words can not begin to describe the hurt we feel- my heart physically hurts in a way I have never had to feel! But I do know... OUR GOD IS GOOD! Let me share my past few days with you... Not to make you sad or cry.. But to make you take a good look at your life and hopefully make some changes if needed- I want all of you to learn from this experience I am facing- oh! I have learn so much since monday! I learned there is nothing more precious than my family, not to worry about all the silly and small things ( like I did before) let go of any anger you are carrying, love life, smile, forgive others who have hurt you dearly, that I have the best HUSBAND a girl could ever ask for, enjoy the simple things in life, ...I could go on forever and wish I could go back and change many things but I can't... So I start now! My life has been changed forever!!! - and I am a much better person already and it feels good!!! 
And the journey begins... On Monday- we were hit with news a mother and father would never want to hear!!! At first- I was very angry- I yelled out loud- WHY??? How could this happen to my beautiful, full of life, and innocent little girl who I love dearly- I will never understand it- but I knew I had to pick myself up and get myself together- because I still have to be the MOMMY they need me to be!!! - 
Tuesday was the beginning of our long journey- ella has her first surgery... A spinal tap, bone marrow tested, and a PICC line put in and chemo! - it was so hard to let her go in the hands of these doctors I had just meet- as she yells for mommy while they are pushing her away! But we made it! She got through the surgery and I snuggled with her in the recovery room! That night- me and ella stayed up til midnight... We celebrated ! This was the first step to recovery! We called all these nights- our little slumber parties! She hasn't eaten in over a week- but that night she had an appetite!!! Someone had sent her a basket full of junk food ( food that I never really allowed to be part of her diet ) but she was loving it- and I let her! Kit kats, cupcakes, ritz crackers w the cheese you spread (ughh) ...and her first cracker jacks ever!!! It was a night I will never forget for sure!!! 
On wed- ella had another dose of chemo and it went as good as it could go!- two days done and many more to go- the leukemia ella has is 90 percent curable- praise god!!! We can beat this! So- please continue to pray for us- pray for my strength and the ability to stay strong! 
Also- pray for my sweet anna claire and baby luke- this is affecting their lives to in sooo many ways!! Its been so hard leaving them!!! I'm missing them so much- I miss the normal routine, - making breakfast, packing lunches, doing homework with anna claire and ella, rocking my sweet boy to sleep at night, eating dinner together- cooking dinner, - all the things before that seemed so hectic at times- oh how I miss them! As I lay here in this hospital bed with ella tonight- I wish we were at home sound asleep - and our morning consisted of me making breakfast , chasing ella around the house to get her dressed for school, finding that matching bow while luke crying in his swing, looking for matching shoe in the shoe basket! Yes ! Our mornings were crazy and stressful- oh- but I miss those times! The simple things we take for granted!!!! I could go on and on! My life has changed so much!!! 
But I know in the end - we are going to be a stronger family and live life so differently!!! This is hard, it hurts bad, I cry and cry some more, but somehow put a big smile on my face when I am with ella, (the strength I didn't know I had) , pray hard, love like I haven't love before... Again- thanks for all the encouraging words- they mean so much!!! Its very hard to sleep at night... Those are the times the tears are shed... I can go to these messages and find some comfort!!! I love the lord and know he will not let me down!!! He is with me every minute- and I truly feel it! I love all of you!!! Please take this and learn from it- please!!! You all don't realized how blessed you really are- I'm probably the worst writer ever- I'm a much better talker! But I hope you have been touched by the beginning of my journey!"
If you are like me you are crying right now and counting your blessings!!!! God is working is Kristin's life and as you can see He is working through her life as well. Her post has touched so many people! I know her story, her life, will continue to inspire and effect many more!!!  
I will continue to update y'all and have invited Kristin to feel free to share more on here whenever she desires! I know someone is working on t shirts and fundraising and as soon as I get the information I will share it with y'all!  
Thank you for your prayers!! Prayer WORKS!!! We all know that!!!!  

"But I will restore you to health 
and heal your wounds," declares the LORD. 
Jeremiah 30:17

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lots of prayers for your friends little girl how sad.