Monday, October 24, 2011

Stay-cation and Teething do not mix!!!

This past week has been great and has been bad!! It was great b/c Todd was on vacay :D We opted for a stay-cation!! I enjoyed having Todd home everyday and got quite spoiled by it!! Today when he went back to work I was back on full time duty with Noah and I sure did miss my partner in crime! Noah missed his Daddy too! He kept calling him, which these days is Todd! Yep, Noah has heard me yelling Todd alot and has picked up on it so he is saying it too! I have to keep reminding Todd that Noah has NO clue and really doesn't even understand names and such. But we are working on changing it from Todd to Daddy!!!

We spent our week goofing off and getting a few things done around the house! We desperately needed to put all of Noah's baby things in the attic b/c it was overtaking our house. Then the garage needed cleaning out b/c it had become our dump all place when we came in from the car. We got all of that done and managed to throw in a few fun activities too!! We let Noah finger paint a canvas and his pumpkin! I will do a post on that later! We only really had one good day of weather so the other days we were stuck in the house! And now to the bad parts, HA! Well not really bad, but just no fun! Noah is teething up a storm and got up EVERY stinkin night!!!!

And our parents were out of town on a mission trip, YES both sets!! So we had NO breaks and were both running on fumes!! Todd and I are grumps without our sleep! And poor Noah was exhausted and in pain from all of those stinkin teeth! I couldn't even figure out which ones in the back he was cutting b/c he wouldn't open his mouth for me to see.

When Todd's parents came back on Thursday we were beyond excited :))) And on Friday Noah spent the night with them!! Todd and I went and saw the new Footloose (awesome BTW)! And we slept in until 11!!!! I haven't done that in YEARS!!!!! IT was amazing!!!

So that is why I haven't posted much! I wanted to spend as much time with the fam as possible! I am hoping tomorrow I will have time to do a proper post on Noah's finger painting! It was soo much fun!! But as for tonight I am hitting the sack! It took me and hour and a half to put Noah to bed tonight! I am thinking he will be getting up ALOT tonight! STUPID teeth!!! Nite Nite Y'all!!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Noah and mommy and daddy. Sleeping until 11 sounds like a little piece of heaven I havent done that in a long time.

We did finger painting last week too-so much fun!