Monday, October 31, 2011

Shutterfly ROCKS!!!

Shutterfly is celebrating it's new 2011 holiday card collection by giving away 25 holiday cards to eligible bloggers! Bloggers and website owners, if you’re interested in a chance to receive free cards this holiday season, please go to the link above and register.

I did this last year and was able to get 25 cards FREE!! And let me tell you I was hooked!! I loved the quality of these cards. I got so many compliments on them! Here is our card from last year :)
My scan isn't the best quality and really doesn't do it justice!!!! Trust me the picture was very high quality and the card stock was super fancy!!!!!!

And it is going to be hard (again) to choose a design because there are so many great ones available!!! Here are just a few of my favorite designs :)

This card is on flat card stock and like the one we used last year! I love that the focus is the family picture and the super cute wreath with the family letter is such a plus!!!!

Then if you wanna go with a folded card, which I am leaning towards this year. This design is awesome too!! I adore the cross and the focus on CHRIST in Christmas!!! Plus you can do another picture inside, there are several designs for the inside that you can chose from!! It would be nice to write up something like a summary of our year or a sweet quote for the inside!

 This next design is just TOO CUTE!!! I adore the truck with the tree on it! It screams classic Christmas to me!! Plus having Merry Christmas on our card is a must!! And it doesn't hurt that the main focus is the picture once again, see a trend with my taste?? :D

Last year we just did a photo of Noah because the thought of trying to get a "good" picture of us three or us four (plus Maggie) seemed really stressful! So this year I am making it my mission to get one of the ENTIRE family! I am sooo psyched!!!

And remember the offer to enter ends on November 11, so go HERE to enter!!!

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Anonymous said...

oh how I love shutterfly! So much better than snapfish.