Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting Girly: Curls

Y'all know I am always working on getting girly! I love ALL things girly, but well am not the best at picking out an outfit or styling my hair! Heck I have never even worn fake eyelashes...not even sure how to put them on. (that will have to be something I do soon) So what if I usually pick out the outfits that are on the manican? Neways, I ventured out thanks to one of my new favorite blogs I follow called The Small Things! Kate has SO many hair tutorials and they are very detailed and have inspired me to actually try them out :)

I gave curling my hair with a curling iron a try. I have always wanted those curls that the celebs always have, but usually end up with frizzy yucky hair. Then I watched Kate's tutorial and decided to give it a go!!! Here is how it turned out :)

The picture quality isn't the best b/c I used my iphone. But you can see the curls :) I think I did good for my first time. I will have to admit that I could have done better with the curls in the back, but I know practice will help with that!! I am just soo excited b/c now I have this new look that I can wear out and it makes me feel all girly :))))) So thank you Kate!!!! You rock!!

*Just a side note, I didn't have any hair products (suggested in the tutorial) in my hair either so I know that would have helped with volume more too!  And I am sad to say I don't own hairspray so I didn't get to spray it either :( See gotta work on getting girly!!!


shauna said...

I like the curls :) You did a great job. You have definitely got to get some hair products girl!!!

Tracy said...

I love it! I was Actually gonna comment on fb when I saw this but got sidetracked apparently. You look so pretty! I'll have to check that blog out too. I love that kind of stuff!