Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Me!

I recently saw a post (can't remember where at the moment) and it was a letter to your younger self! It inspired me to do the same, but as I was writing all I could think about was the things I still need to change today! So I am changing it up and writing a letter to myself! I am going to be honest and do some tough lovin'!! I think I need it, and this post is totally for me, so feel free to skip onto another blog for something more interesting :)
love yourself! freckles and all!!!
Dear Dana,
Girl, You have got to start treating yourself better these days! You have been so tough on yourself! Always judging, always negative, and never easing up!! You need to be a better friend to yourself!!

I know you are struggling these days with alot of things, but mainly you have got to STOP being so dang mean to yourself!! The constant mental abuse you do on yourself is just unhealthy and you learned to stop all that once before and you need to do it again! Stop saying you will and just DO!! Practice makes perfect!!!

You are always telling everyone else how God made them perfectly so start listening to your own advice!!! And remember it isn't the outside that counts!!! Joy shines from within! And you know you can see that and how beautiful it is!! 

Let's start practicing now :) You are an amazing momma! You love Noah and show him how much you love him daily! I really do lose count on how many times in a day you tell him you love him! And come on, the way you look at him :D Smitten!!!! And I am very proud of your patience most of the time. I know no one is perfect but you are great with teaching him how to work through his frustrations.

But you do need to work on being a better wife! Sorry, tough love :) I think you have become so wrapped up in losing weight that you have lost sight of the fact that you have a husband that adores you just the way you are!! Sweats and all! How many girls can say that? Not many!!

I think it all boils down to the fact that you need to stop living in the world so much! Stop comparing yourself to others, take more time to JUST BREATH, and give yourself a break!!!!! You are never going to wake up and suddenly be a super neat and clean person, or a genetically blessed skinny girl, or a fashionista! But you are you! You are that girl that loves to be silly, loves way too much, wears your heart right on your sleeve, believes anything (gullible), gets every saying wrong somehow, can read other's emotions when no one else can even see it, gets tongue twisted all the time, can't ever tell a story as good as it sounds in your head, and last BUT not least a perfect child of God!!!!

You need to get back to the basics!!
  • Start seeking God as if your life depended on it (b/c it does)
  • Pray instead of complaining, AMEN!!!
  • Forgive!!!! Let go, and move on!!!
  • Worry more about your inner beauty than your outer beauty!!
  • Treat yourself just like you would a friend!!
  • Be U!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

what a great idea for a post and I could say so much of this!