Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!! (with more pics)

Happy Halloween Y'all!!!
Noah was Clark Kent this year! And as you can tell he was ready to get out and get some candy, HA!!!
  We hope y'all had as much fun as we did!!!

And just for fun...a comparison!! I love seeing how much difference a year makes, and what a difference a camera can make!!!

More pics and details to come.....
Okay so I am just click HERE to see more pics!!!

Shutterfly ROCKS!!!

Shutterfly is celebrating it's new 2011 holiday card collection by giving away 25 holiday cards to eligible bloggers! Bloggers and website owners, if you’re interested in a chance to receive free cards this holiday season, please go to the link above and register.

I did this last year and was able to get 25 cards FREE!! And let me tell you I was hooked!! I loved the quality of these cards. I got so many compliments on them! Here is our card from last year :)
My scan isn't the best quality and really doesn't do it justice!!!! Trust me the picture was very high quality and the card stock was super fancy!!!!!!

And it is going to be hard (again) to choose a design because there are so many great ones available!!! Here are just a few of my favorite designs :)

This card is on flat card stock and like the one we used last year! I love that the focus is the family picture and the super cute wreath with the family letter is such a plus!!!!

Then if you wanna go with a folded card, which I am leaning towards this year. This design is awesome too!! I adore the cross and the focus on CHRIST in Christmas!!! Plus you can do another picture inside, there are several designs for the inside that you can chose from!! It would be nice to write up something like a summary of our year or a sweet quote for the inside!

 This next design is just TOO CUTE!!! I adore the truck with the tree on it! It screams classic Christmas to me!! Plus having Merry Christmas on our card is a must!! And it doesn't hurt that the main focus is the picture once again, see a trend with my taste?? :D

Last year we just did a photo of Noah because the thought of trying to get a "good" picture of us three or us four (plus Maggie) seemed really stressful! So this year I am making it my mission to get one of the ENTIRE family! I am sooo psyched!!!

And remember the offer to enter ends on November 11, so go HERE to enter!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

an epiphany!

  Yes two posts in one day, what are ya gonna do? Neways!!! I know I am sporadic and post a ton some weeks and then go a week or two with no posts! Such is life :) But this was on my mind and while Noah is napping off his flu shot and resting from cutting 7, YES 7 teeth I am procrastinating  taking the opportunity to do more of what I wrote myself about and take care of me! Yes the house can wait, even if we are having guests over this evening!

There have been several pg announcements lately! Here on the blogosphere and IRL for me as well! The ones that are harder for me are the ones where it is a second child! But it dawned on me lastnight as I rocked Noah for 2 hours to get him to bed that I wasn't upset b/c I wasn't currently pg with our second child...but rather just irritated with myself in general! I was irritated with myself b/c I don't even know how I could cope with a second child right now. I mean YES I adore and love being a momma, but I am giving ALL I have at the moment and don't think I have much more to give at the moment. I am doing the best I can and most days I feel like I do a half butt job. That is me though, I may stress over not being perfect, but I am in no way going to give up sleep to be perfect!!!

So as I rocked my teething lil monster lastnight I realized that I was just angry with me! Not hurt that I wasn't pg! It was a revelation for me! I was just mad that I haven't lost the baby wt and that I don't seem to have it together like most moms expecting their second babes do, or so it seems. I know the grass is always greener and that not everyone really has it all together! Now instead of allowing myself to feel as if I was kicked in the gut when I hear of a pg announcement I am going to realize my new epiphany and move on!! God has a plan for me! And considering how easily I am losing my patience right now He seems to be RIGHT!!! Who knows maybe one kid is what He has planned for us all along! And Noah is totally enough!!! I remember when my arms were empty and I am just thankful that they are full now!!!!

Painting in Pictures!

Needless to say we had fun!!! And we will be doing it again real soon! I just LOVE Noah's canvas! I will have to do a pic of the finished product!! :) Another think to check off our Fall Bucket List :))))

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Me!

I recently saw a post (can't remember where at the moment) and it was a letter to your younger self! It inspired me to do the same, but as I was writing all I could think about was the things I still need to change today! So I am changing it up and writing a letter to myself! I am going to be honest and do some tough lovin'!! I think I need it, and this post is totally for me, so feel free to skip onto another blog for something more interesting :)
love yourself! freckles and all!!!
Dear Dana,
Girl, You have got to start treating yourself better these days! You have been so tough on yourself! Always judging, always negative, and never easing up!! You need to be a better friend to yourself!!

I know you are struggling these days with alot of things, but mainly you have got to STOP being so dang mean to yourself!! The constant mental abuse you do on yourself is just unhealthy and you learned to stop all that once before and you need to do it again! Stop saying you will and just DO!! Practice makes perfect!!!

You are always telling everyone else how God made them perfectly so start listening to your own advice!!! And remember it isn't the outside that counts!!! Joy shines from within! And you know you can see that and how beautiful it is!! 

Let's start practicing now :) You are an amazing momma! You love Noah and show him how much you love him daily! I really do lose count on how many times in a day you tell him you love him! And come on, the way you look at him :D Smitten!!!! And I am very proud of your patience most of the time. I know no one is perfect but you are great with teaching him how to work through his frustrations.

But you do need to work on being a better wife! Sorry, tough love :) I think you have become so wrapped up in losing weight that you have lost sight of the fact that you have a husband that adores you just the way you are!! Sweats and all! How many girls can say that? Not many!!

I think it all boils down to the fact that you need to stop living in the world so much! Stop comparing yourself to others, take more time to JUST BREATH, and give yourself a break!!!!! You are never going to wake up and suddenly be a super neat and clean person, or a genetically blessed skinny girl, or a fashionista! But you are you! You are that girl that loves to be silly, loves way too much, wears your heart right on your sleeve, believes anything (gullible), gets every saying wrong somehow, can read other's emotions when no one else can even see it, gets tongue twisted all the time, can't ever tell a story as good as it sounds in your head, and last BUT not least a perfect child of God!!!!

You need to get back to the basics!!
  • Start seeking God as if your life depended on it (b/c it does)
  • Pray instead of complaining, AMEN!!!
  • Forgive!!!! Let go, and move on!!!
  • Worry more about your inner beauty than your outer beauty!!
  • Treat yourself just like you would a friend!!
  • Be U!!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Stay-cation and Teething do not mix!!!

This past week has been great and has been bad!! It was great b/c Todd was on vacay :D We opted for a stay-cation!! I enjoyed having Todd home everyday and got quite spoiled by it!! Today when he went back to work I was back on full time duty with Noah and I sure did miss my partner in crime! Noah missed his Daddy too! He kept calling him, which these days is Todd! Yep, Noah has heard me yelling Todd alot and has picked up on it so he is saying it too! I have to keep reminding Todd that Noah has NO clue and really doesn't even understand names and such. But we are working on changing it from Todd to Daddy!!!

We spent our week goofing off and getting a few things done around the house! We desperately needed to put all of Noah's baby things in the attic b/c it was overtaking our house. Then the garage needed cleaning out b/c it had become our dump all place when we came in from the car. We got all of that done and managed to throw in a few fun activities too!! We let Noah finger paint a canvas and his pumpkin! I will do a post on that later! We only really had one good day of weather so the other days we were stuck in the house! And now to the bad parts, HA! Well not really bad, but just no fun! Noah is teething up a storm and got up EVERY stinkin night!!!!

And our parents were out of town on a mission trip, YES both sets!! So we had NO breaks and were both running on fumes!! Todd and I are grumps without our sleep! And poor Noah was exhausted and in pain from all of those stinkin teeth! I couldn't even figure out which ones in the back he was cutting b/c he wouldn't open his mouth for me to see.

When Todd's parents came back on Thursday we were beyond excited :))) And on Friday Noah spent the night with them!! Todd and I went and saw the new Footloose (awesome BTW)! And we slept in until 11!!!! I haven't done that in YEARS!!!!! IT was amazing!!!

So that is why I haven't posted much! I wanted to spend as much time with the fam as possible! I am hoping tomorrow I will have time to do a proper post on Noah's finger painting! It was soo much fun!! But as for tonight I am hitting the sack! It took me and hour and a half to put Noah to bed tonight! I am thinking he will be getting up ALOT tonight! STUPID teeth!!! Nite Nite Y'all!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Year!

  What a difference a year makes :)
Thank you Lord for blessing me by being able to watch Noah grow and prosper!!! I give You all the glory!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bday Party, Pumpkins, and Smores...OH MY!!!

This past weekend we had a blast! And it is all because of one little boy named NOAH! We went to one of my high school friend's little boys birthday bash. He is a cutie!!

For some reason Noah kept laying down in the bouncy house! I think Carter just didn't know what to think about that!

On our way home from the party we noticed a pumpkin patch at the Rock Ranch (owned by Truett Cathy) and we decided to stop by :)

 After finding the perfect pumpkin :)) We headed home! The weather was so nice and since we were on a roll I sent Todd out for some ingredients for smores!! Noah decided he just wanted the entire bar of chocolate! Yep, that's my boy!!!!

 I think he was like "you lookin at me" HAHA!!! Smore face!!!
Needless to say we had a fun filled wkend :) And were able to check a few items off of our Fall Bucket List, YAY!!!