Monday, September 19, 2011

Memory Card Necessary!!

For some reason I feel like I am the only one that does this, but yesterday Noah and I were outside. It was a glorious day b/c it was cool outside and the humidity was GONE! I started taking pics of my super pretty handsome tot and I was getting some good shots. It seemed like he knew I was taking pictures and he was posing for me and full of smiles! I hit the playback button on my camera to bask in all my talent when it said NO MEMORY CARD!!! WHAT???? I was soo upset! How could I have not checked to make sure I put the card back in after I just dumped a ton of pics on the computer!! So I did what anyone would do!! I ran back inside grabbed the card and coaxed chased my sweet boy to get a few more smile shots :))) And here is some of what I got :D

 a bit blurry, but it was fun chasing him and attempting to take pictures at the same time ;D
Remember to make sure your memory card is in your camera before getting shooting happy, mkay? :D

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Anonymous said...

adorable pics of your little guy! The memory card so sounds like something I would do..haha!