Friday, September 9, 2011


 I had the BEST time lastnight with one of the most genuine and sweet gals I know. She is one of my besties, but lives a few hours away from me, so we don't get to hang as much as I would like. Lastnight her mom had a dinner for all of her friends to thank them (us) for being her friend. How awesome is that? I know her mom is super sweet too! I only really knew a few ppl and was excited to get to meet some of the other friends I have heard Lori talk about so much. It was nice to put a name to faces. And it was nice to be around a group of gals :D They were all so beautiful (on the inside and out) and very inspiring to me. I just took a moment and looked around the tables and thought WOW, these girls are really living. They are out there enjoying every second life has to offer.

And then I had to ask I do that?? Well, sometimes! I mean when you are around such a cute little boy all day you do tend to thank the Lord for every second you have with him. But am I really living! Am I able to say at the end of the day that I did my best at whatever I was doing, and was able to find JOY in it? Even if it is just washing the dishes!! Yeah.....I am not really doing that. There was one point where I had really changed my outlook (for a few days) and everything I did (from washing dishes to changing Noah's diaper) was ALL for the glory of God. Then as most things do it died down and I forgot! I remember the feeling I had as I scrubbed those dishes for God! I was on a high for sure!! All for the Lord!!

Lastnight reminded me that I need to really step it up a notch b/c I have this really cute little boy watching my every move. I want him to find JOY in all that he does! B/c truly we should do it all for the glory of God. Without Him we would have NOTHING, be NOTHING!!!

And I gotta shout out to my Lobo (Lori) and say CONGRATS!!! I love you dearly!! And I am soo happy for you sweet girl!!!! Here is a pic from our grad school days :))) We always had lots and lots of FUN!!!

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