Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was reading another blog and found something that I thought was rather ironic since my post today was about IF (infertility)! You will see soon enough! Apparently there is a game you can do using the What IF!! So here goes....I really do love dreaming :D

1. If I were to get pg again....I wish it would be a total surprise and right after I was back to my pg wt. And I wish I could have a natural/vaginal birth!! And breastfeeding would be super easy :D hey..I am dreaming here!!

2. If I could have any job in the would be doing exactly what I am doing right now! Being a stay at home mommy, but I would wish that Todd could stay home too. Maybe we could own our own business or he could work from home. Oh and I wish I got payed for staying at home...loads of money, HA!!

3. If I had a day to myself I would....totally get pampered! Facial, mani/pedi, and some yummy food!!!

4. If I could get married all over again...I would make the ceremony even smaller and spend the money on a super cool honeymoon.  

5. If I could live anywhere in the US..I would live in Hawaii or Colorado, but make sure my ENTIRE family lived there too :D

6. If my boy would have been a girl we would have named her...Sarah Elizabeth. And if we do have #2 and it is a girl..that will be her namo!!!

7. If I could have any talent in the world...I would love to be able to sing. I am talking Kelly C. plus Christina A skills!!!!!

8. If you met me in real would probably realize just how shy and dorky I really am, or maybe you already know that, HA!
9. If I could go back to school and get a different degree...I wouldn't even go to school! I waisted alot of money, HA! Well maybe I will use my degree one day, but if I could go back I would maybe go all the way and get my Doctorate of Psychology!!!

10. If money was NO object...I would hook my family UP!! And then go to Italy :D

11. If I could meet one celebrity it would be....Michelle Duggar b/c she ROCKS!! Seriously!!! I would get her to show me how she does it all!!!

12. If we had a different pet it would be....always gonna be a dog. We tried a cat..and no offense but we are not cat ppl!

13. If I could only shot at one store for the rest of my would be The Loft...well if it is just for clothes.

14. If I could go on a trip right would be on a second honeymoon with the of these places: Italy, Hawaii, or Colorado!

15. If I had to choose between a house cleaner or a personal that would be hard, but I would go with a personal chef :D

16. If I had the option of any plastic surgery...I would totally get a breast reduction!!! Trust me bigger is NOT better!!!!

17. If I could wake up and look like anyone I would choose...ME, but a skinnier, tanner, more toned version of me! :D

18. If I could have a magical super would be to stop time!! Can you say nap anytime, YAY!!

19. If I could change one thing in my past...I would have been more social and tried more soccer!

20. If I could wish anything for y' would be for eternal salvation with Jesus!!!!!!!!!


shauna said...

This is cute :) I think I will copy

Amber said...

I love it!! Thanks for sharing.

You could come visit me and meet Michelle Duggar next March! She'll be at the Hearts at Home conference. :-)

Anonymous said...

I really think we just have way too much in common its kind of funny, interesting, and scary all at the same time. I think if we lived closer we would be great friends :)

I could have said the same thing on many of these same items.