Monday, September 26, 2011

First Trip to the Zoo {updated with park pics}

Noah had a blast on his FIRST TRIP TO THE ZOO!! I have to admit that my all time favorite places to go is the ATL Zoo!!! I love how there is tons of shade along the way and the animals rock! And now they have a newish exhibit where you can go in and feed the birds. LOVE!!!! I had alot of pics so here is a collage of our trip.
Afterwards Noah fell asleep in his stroller and we headed to find a nice place to picnic. We were starved!!! We found a nice place and threw out a blanket and it was super relaxing! I am soo planning more picnic trips now b/c it was so relaxing. Noah was hilarious b/c he wouldn't leave the blanket :D
Here are the pics from the picnic! And seriously, there has to be a better/easier way to get my pics from my iphone on here!!!! For serious :D

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Katie said...

Looks like such fun, Dana! Love your collage. ; )