Monday, August 29, 2011

This is why you baby proof your house!!!!

 This is why you are told to get rid of coffee tables with sharp edges when baby proofing your house!!!!
We were blessed that this was the one and only accident we had with our coffee table, but this was enough for me to tell Todd to get it the heck out of our living room!!!! Noah was playing right beside it and when he fell his poor little nose hit it right on the edge! A blue line appeared immediately on his little nose and he screamed!! I was terrified!! Thankfully Noah is fine!!! I am sooo thankful!! And as for our coffee table! Well it is in another room that Noah does not frequent and will stay there for a LONG time!!!!

  This is our coffee table (excuse the scratches memories and dust on it)! See what I mean, it really is an accident waiting to happen and I am surprised it took us this long to realize it!!! I am more sorry for Noah :(((

And the day after it happened we were sure he would have two black eyes, but he did not :)


Christina said...

Poor guy! Boy do I know how that goes, but thank God kids are tough :)

Anonymous said...

aww poor Noah. So glad he is ok!