Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So What Wednesday!

  Linking up once again!! And today I sooo need to just say sooooo what!!!! So here goes :)
  • If I would rather just move into a new house than move our furniture around one more time in my living room (need a change)
  • If I haven't done laundry in a week!!! Okay maybe what!!
  • If I don't have the enormous drive most ppl have at the moment, it will come back one day, i hope!!
  • If I would rather wear pjs than regular clothes! Shouldn't they have passed my everyone wear scrubs law by now???
  • If I consider going through wal-mart all alone pretty heavenly and super awesome treat!!!
  • Or if I get excited about buying a new trashcan :)
  • If I am quiet and don't want to make small talk.
  • If I am writing this post and not doing said laundry, hahaha!!! 
What are you saying so what about?? Link Up and say SO WHAT!!!

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