Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My new BFF and IVF?? Say what.....

 I have been a bad blogger lately. I have had soo many posts in my head but I haven't been able to actually do any of them. I have been super busy with my new BFF :D
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I am addicted to this thing!!!! It is crazy how much I am in love with a phone...I know crazy! Neways that is what has been occupying my time. 

Okay now onto more important things :) I have an appt. with my OB on Thursday. I am going so she can ck out my c-section scar. It has been annoying me lately. It is healing great in some areas and the scar is almost invisible but in other places it is red, raised, and very hard to the touch. I have been sore alot lately and it of course freaks me out!!! What if my scar tissue has grown into some organ?? What if this makes my IF worse?? I mean come one..I have PCOS, a tilted uterus, and now this scar..GRRRR!!!!!

I requested an u/s and the doctor's assistant or whatever called me and told me that an u/s will be pointless. I really feel like they just blow me off. When I went a while back for my ck up the doctor basically told me that I would HAVE to do IVF again to have another child. She hasn't even looked at my file...and I know this b/c the stupid RE never sent it!!!! So how the heck does she know this? Maybe she should start telling fortunes!!!! And the only reason I am going back there is b/c they made the scar! If she blows me off again I am going to another doctor!!! Fo Shizzle!! Yep when I am mad the gangster in me comes out..LOL!!!

And now someone has been asking me/talking to me about having a second child via IVF. It is hard to talk about b/c I cannot imagine putting my body through that again. I know never say never, but seriously it is making me an emotional wreck. All it does is bring up old wounds and this person is someone that I can't exactly tell to stop. Trust me I have tried...doesn't work. So I am in ignore and move on mode!! But it does make me think about having another child. Right now I just think that if God blesses me again then GREAT but I am not gonna be stingy!! Ya know!!! We have Noah and he is my sunshine :) Why mess with perfection, haha!!!

So what do y'all (my fellow IVFers) say to ppl that ask u about doing IVF again or assume you are going to do it?????


cady said...

What I hate is when people talk to me about having another child like it's just super easy or telling me that I need to go ahead and get pregnant again RIGHT NOW. It really annoys me because they don't know what we had to go through to get Lucy.

Anonymous said...

While we didnt go through IVF we did have a time getting pg the first time so we have thought about it and yeah Im right there with you its hard to think about sometimes.

Im glad to know that Im not the only one that has a scar like that from c-section. Its a bit annoying but so worth it for Morgan.

Melissa said...

We are actually going to a new IVF doctor tomorrow for a consult. I thought after Cassie we were 1 and done because I didn't want to do IVF again either. The shots, the emotional turmoil...no thanks. Well, looks like we may be doing it again. I figure this is our last shot at giving our daughter a sibling. If it works...great!! If it doesn't at least we tried and I won't sit back wondering what would have happened. Either way, I am NOT looking foward to going thru IVF again.

Before we decided to do IVF again when people would ask when we would have another I came right out and told them we had to do IVF to have our daughter so they knew it wasn't so easy for us.

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear your scar is giving you problems :( Mine seems to be healing ok, but some parts still seem numb. Kinda freaks me out sometimes!

And I know it's easy to say, but just ignore people that try to get into your business. Maybe just smile and nod and just understand that they will never understand.

Oh, and I LOVE my iphone! Be sure to get the hanging with friends app!