Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ME, ME and ME!

Had to add this pic b/c it is HILARIOUS! Just me being super silly and since this post is all about me..why not laugh at myself :D And let y'all get a few giggles too! HEHE!!

If you are looking for super cute pictures of my super cute Noah you will not find them in this post...so I guess go ahead and jump to read another post. Because this post is all about ME 
and ME 
and of course ME!!

Yep in my head right now I am soo doing the whole guilt thing for even doing a post like this, but I am just going to tell that part of me to SHUT UP!!!!

First thing....my c-section scar is wiggin me out!!!! It has started to bug me alot. It has always kinda itched and I had heard that was normal. However, lately it has been burning/itching and kinda driving me batty. Kinda like I wanna get rid of it b/c it is making my skin crawl. Plus there are spots on the scar that are normal and almost invisible and then there are spots that are raised and red and really feel hard to the touch. I am freaked out and googlin it doesn't help. So I am going to make an appt. with the doctor (if I can figure out which doctor to call...ob?derm?famdr?). And I am not sure if this is related or not but I have been crampy too with it.

Second thing....I lost 3 lbs last week :D  
And I am sure over the weekend I gained it back!! I really like doing wt watchers but HATE it when I cannot find a food so I can put it into my tracker. Like when I type in a brand and it is a popular brand and it is not on there....BUGS me!!! I guess I know that I need to do the work but it is hard to figure out what kind of lettuce I am eating....or exactly how many servings my tea pitcher has in it! I know...I am
But oh well!! It's my blog and I can whine if I want to!!! It is just hard to do that on my computer while taking care of my son! I sooo need an I>>>PHONE!!!!! Or really really want one :D 

Third thing...kind related to the second thing! I am really sick of my body!! I am sick of being chunky!! I refuse to say FAT!!! I am sick of going into my closet and having NOTHING to wear b/c it won't fit over my thighs or if it does I all of a sudden have this muffin top hanging over my clothes! I HATE IT!!!! And as much as I hate it I am still addicted to food!!!!!! So basically I am saying that I want my cake and be thin too!!!!! HA!!! Yeah RIGHT!!! I am just frustrated b/c Noah will be 15 mos. old SOON and I am still looking like I did when we brought him home from the hospital :(  

Fourth thing.....BABY #2!!! First of all, my OB (aka DREAM KILLER) told me str8 up that I would more than likely have to do IVF again to have another baby. She didn't wanna do any blood tests or anything. She was really pleasant, HA! I want to have another baby...but there are a few things holding me back! First obviously is  that my body does not work right!!!! Then there is the whole I would like to be healthy and FIT when if I do get pg again. And then there is the I am really just barely making it with ONE kiddo....how the heck will I make it with another one????????? How do you women do it with lots of kids?? I know you never sleep, are super organized, and have super human powers, RIGHT?? And yes there is pressure coming in (not gonna say from who) to already be pg again. And YES it is scaring me b/c of how hard it was the first time!!! Am I even able to go through all of that again? I am not even sure I am over it from the first go round!

Thanks for listening!! Next post will have lots of Noah pics..promise :D

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Amber said...

Do not feel bad...this is YOUR blog. :-)

Sorry to hear about your scar. I'm guessing you would talk to your ob. Hope it's nothing.

Take your time on #2. You will know when/if you are ready.

You are beautiful!