Wednesday, August 31, 2011


  Todd is at work, Noah is napping, and everyone I know is either working or busy!!! So I am gonna have a real life post moment!!!!! I need to talk and get it out!!! And since I am impatient (now I know where Noah gets it from) I have to talk right now! Can't you just see me stomping my foot and saying that like I am a four year old? Sorry :(

 Neways, I went to the OB to follow up on the whole PCOS thing. Apparently the OB didn't think it was necessary, but I thought that the constant pain on my left side was kinda important! Thankfully, I got an awesome u/s from a super sweet u/s tech. Which I found out my uterus isn't completely flipped, just tilted. And that my PCOS was still there, no surprise. And thankfully, there was nothing to be worried about with the pain. They rescheduled another u/s after AF b/c they saw a bit of fluid in the uterus and a thick lining.The follow up u/s showed all was well :D

And my dr. ordered a fasting/glucose test (not sure the technical name). The results from that were that my sugar levels were 60 when fasting and a bit low. So she suggested a better diet, HA!! Like I didn't know that!! My vice in life!!! The hardest thing for me to change about myself. It all started to make sense. How I would get the shakes, headaches, nausea, and fatigue throughout my day. I swear I have dealt with this so long that I had given up on finding out what the heck was going on and just chalked it up to me having the super lazy gene!!! I mean I am always tired!!! Seriously, and I am not frontin'!!!! Now with my newfound information I am full of anxiety b/c yet again I am at a place that deals with what goes in my mouth=FOOD! And when it comes to food I get all stupid!!!! It is seriously my crack!!!! And when I try to change my eating habits I almost go into a panic attack.

I am currently working on a wt watchers diet/eating habit/regimen. And that is hard for me!!!!! Now I know why I bottom out an hour after I eat a whole wheat Nature's Own sandwich round (my version of a bagel) with cream cheese and a banana for bkfast! My guess is that it is not what I am suppose to be eating. I read that I should do a high protein diet, but seriously ppl I need someone to come over and talk to me about my favorite foods and somehow make me a diet plan that is VERY detailed! Remember how I go all stupid when it comes to food, well it is true!!!

I need a nutritionist!!! And since my priorities are in order (NOT) I got an EC planner and now there are no funds for what I really need = an appt. with a nutritionist. I am beyond upset with myself and beyond done with all this food crap!!!!!!!! If anyone can please help me I would really appreciate it!



Christina said...

I'm so glad everything looks good!
As far as ww goes, I've been on and off weight watchers for a good 4 months. When I stick to it, it's awesome!
Katie over at
has some fabulous tips and even some vlogs on ww help. Under the lose it tab:) Now if I could only control myself...
Good luck!!
Hope this helps :)

Anonymous said...

eating is always tough but I know you can do it girl! Have you ever been to Hungry Girl? They have some great recipes and tips as well for WW.