Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Healthy Attachment

Attachment!!! Yep, I learned about it alot in school and now I am living it out in real life and it is scary. I am talking about making sure that Noah attaches in a healthy way to me and to Todd. I am not sure about y'all, but my 15 month old has started really wanting to be right with me. He has always wanted to be with me, but this is different. He literally held on the other Sunday when I dropped him off at the nursery. I mean I could have let go and he would have still been hanging onto my side. And even lately with the grandparents he has started to not wanna let my leg go b/c he is afraid I am leaving. I never leave him without telling him goodbye so I am not sure why he thinks that I am just going to leave if he walks away for a minute.

It is scary b/c I of course don't wanna do the wrong thing and mess up my kid, ya know!!!! And from what I have read this behavior at this age is perfectly normal and actually shows that I have a healthy attachment with my babe :))) YAY ME!!!! It is just so dang hard to walk out the nursery door and leave him, even if the teachers assure me that he stops crying a few minutes after I leave. I still feel pretty bad and even feel like I am abandoning my child. I am not sure who it is harder for, me or Noah!!!

Lately there has been alot of milestones and changes with Noah as he grows up :( which is so bittersweet! There has been the wonderful new thing where he bites = NO FUN!!! (that is a whole other post) And I have been afraid to even say this out loud, but he is officially off the bottle!!! We took him down to just his night time bottle a while back and then about two months ago we stopped his night time bottle. I guess I was scared if I said it out loud in the beginning it would all go badly! Thankfully, it has not :)) And I probably need to put up those last two bottles in the cabinet.

Noah just amazes me everyday with learning new things! I love seeing him learn something new or watch how he explores something new. Of course, as mentioned before there has been a few new biting. And alot of really finding out who I am as a parent. I have found that I reallly love to get on Noah's level. Like getting on my knees or putting him in my lap to explain things to him. I have also found out that I cherish those sweet moments where I can tell him why I told him 'no no' and I can tell him how much I love him and end it with a kiss :))) I am amazed at my patience levels somedays and others I wonder if I have any patience at all! I am also starting to really be aware of my own actions b/c I see that there is this amazing little boy watching my every move.

Well I could go on and on, but my behind needs to prep for dinner tomorrow night (beef stew in the crockpot, YUM) and hit the eliptical before bedtime. Especially after tonight! Noah CIO for what it seemed like FOREVER! Thankfully I had a great friend to help me through it :) Thanks again  Sarah!!!
 ....................More on biting soon :)))))

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Anonymous said...

I think its totally normal on the attachment! Morgan seems to be going through the same phase at times.

Beef stew sounds delicious would love the recipe for that one!